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Best Kitchen Layout Options for the Family Chef
Best Kitchen Layout Options for the Family Chef

3m read

Best Kitchen Layout Options for the Family Chef

Best Kitchen Layout Options for the Family Chef

As any family chef knows, the kitchen isn’t just a place for food prep. It’s a center for eating, relaxing, homework, housework, socializing and enjoying family time. That’s why the traditional work triangle model of kitchen design is becoming a thing of the past. Contemporary families need contemporary kitchen design ideas to accommodate their changing needs. It’s important to find a kitchen design that’s as unique as your family, ensuring that everyone can use and enjoy the space together.


While attractive design and efficient appliances are key considerations, the first question you should ask yourself is who will be using the space. Are you looking for a toddler-proof kitchen with room for playing, or a comfortable crash pad where teens can help with the cooking?


Whatever stage your family is at, a little careful planning can turn your kitchen into a homely hub for everyone’s activities. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, consider these different kitchen floor plans to decide which one fits you and your needs best. 

One wall kitchens 

While a large kitchen is the dream for a big, busy family, you don’t necessarily need a lot of space to accommodate your family’s everyday activities. In fact, a single wall kitchen design in an apartment or loft can cover all your kitchen needs, while saving space.


By placing a dining table adjacent to your one wall kitchen strip, you can increase workspace while creating a cohesive dining-kitchen area for your family to enjoy together. This will also help to separate the kitchen from the lounge area, should your one wall kitchen feature as part of an open floor plan.

Galley kitchens 

The galley kitchen design is the ultimate space-saver, incorporating two parallel countertops with a walkway between them. It may seem difficult to incorporate dining space into this layout. However, a breakfast bar offers a compact and stylish way for the family to come together in the kitchen.


Add tall cupboards and pantry drawers to maximize storage space, and add some statement open shelving to the far wall. This provides the perfect place to display stylish or sentimental crockery, and make the space feel truly your own.

L-shaped kitchens 

Maximize corner space by adding countertops to two adjoining walls, forming an L. The L-shaped kitchen layout works well for open-plan kitchen styles, wrapping the functional kitchen space around a dining table or lounge area.


If you have room, a small kitchen island or bar can add a functional “third wall” to the space. With sturdy wooden stools and a wipe-clean worktop, this central feature will quickly become home to family meals, chats over coffee, school work, craft projects and more.

Horseshoe or u-shaped kitchens 

The horseshoe or u-shaped kitchen is a compact yet versatile design, allowing for more cooks in the kitchen. By maximizing counter space around three walls, or two walls and an island, you and your partner can relax and cook together or get the whole family involved and create a feast to remember!


A neo-traditional layout would involve a range tucked into the middle wall with the sink running perpendicular. You would ideally want the sink to be placed under a window, so you can wash up while watching the little ones play in the garden! 

Island kitchens 

If you have the luxury of a larger kitchen, an island is a practical and stylish feature. Including ground-level cabinets for extra storage and incorporating an expansive worktop, the island will quickly become a hub for cooking, snacking and catch-ups. 


A kitchen island can also add to the versatility of your space, turning a two-wall kitchen into a horseshoe-style room, or clearly dividing an open plan kitchen-lounge area. As a plus, kitchen islands double up as extra counter space for busy households. 


Creating the perfect cozy kitchen for your family? Read our post on how to design a family kitchen that inspires quality time  or visit your local Beko studio  and find the perfect appliances for your home.