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BRH 180 / BRH 181: Split Air Conditioner

BRH 180 / BRH 181

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BRH 180 / BRH 181: Split Air Conditioner

Dimension (cm)
0 Height
0 Width
0 Depth

Tech Specs

Performance & Consumption


220 - 240 V


50 Hz
Dimensions & Weight

Indoor-unit Height

25.1 cm

Indoor-unit Width

99.4 cm

Indoor-unit Depth

31.9 cm

Indoor-unit Weight

12 kg

Outdoor-unit Height

55.5 cm

Outdoor-unit Width

77 cm

Outdoor-unit Depth

30 cm

Outdoor-unit Weight

36 kg

Indoor-unit Packaged Height

40.5 cm

Indoor-unit Packaged Width

105.5 cm

Indoor-unit Packaged Depth

32.5 cm

Indoor-unit Packed Weight

17 kg

Outdoor-unit Packaged Height

61.5 cm

Outdoor-unit Packaged Width

91 cm

Outdoor-unit Packed Depth

38 cm

Outdoor-unit Packed Weight

42.5 kg