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2 min read

How to attach the furniture door to your new Beko integrated dishwasher?

How to Attach the Furniture Door to Your New Beko Integrated Dishwasher?
How to Attach the Furniture Door to Your New Beko Integrated Dishwasher?



Integrated appliances are a great way to give your kitchen a sleek, uniform look, but attaching the unit door to your appliance can be a little tricky. This helpful little guide will make sure you get it right first time. 




Step 01.

Lay the furniture door flat and unpack the guide and the fixtures


Before you connect your dishwasher, place the unit door flat on top of the appliance, with the inside surface of the unit door facing up. Take the sliding door installation guide and fixtures out of their packaging. 


Unfold the installation guide and lay it on the unit door, with the arrows pointing to the top of the unit door. Make sure the dotted line is right in the centre of the unit door.




Step 02.

Mark the connection points


You’ll have two brackets for the unit door and two rollers to allow the door to slide over the appliance when opening it. The installation guide will indicate where these fixtures should be positioned on the unit door.


Look for a screwdriver symbol and circles that align with holes on the fixing pieces. 


Use a pencil to push through the installation guide, and mark when the screws for the brackets and sliders will go on the unit door. 




Step 03.

Install the fixtures on the door


Now, the action starts! Use a handheld electric screwdriver to screw the brackets and sliders into place.




Step 04.

Attach the door to the dishwasher


Take the unit door and align the rollers with the openings on the front of the dishwasher. Push the rollers into the openings and let the door slide into place.


Secure the unit door at the bottom with screws on both sides and cover the holes with the plastic tabs.




Step 05.

Check the door movement and install the kick plate


Make sure the door opens smoothly before connecting the dishwasher and pushing it into place.


Once the dishwasher is in its position, you can install the plinth or kick plate below the unit door.


There. That wasn’t too bad, was it?



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