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2 min read

How to clean your oven?

How to clean your oven?
How to clean your oven?



While it might be instrumental in bringing your culinary creations to life, cleaning the oven has to be one of the most dreaded household chores. Let this guide explain the best way to keep your oven clean and tell you about some clever Beko technology which makes the whole ordeal much more bearable.




Clean it regularly


If you’ve got a traditional oven, the key is cleaning it regularly. Grease and food residue can build up quickly, and the more you cook, the more stubborn it becomes. Wipe away spills and splashes before they dry out and give your oven a wipe after every use. 




Take out all the detachable parts like trays and racks 




Cleaning the inside


So, after every use, remove the racks and trays and give them a good wipe with a sponge and non-abrasive detergent. Side racks are detachable too. These pieces are also mostly dishwasher-safe. 


Now you can give the surfaces of the oven cavity a good wipe with the sponge, again with a non-abrasive cleaning product. 




Cleaning the outside: the control panel, buttons, and oven door 


Be sure to pay extra attention around the door as this is where grease can really build up. 


If you’ve left it too long, then elbow grease might not be enough to get rid of the actual grease! There are a range of oven cleaning kits on the market, but these contain powerful chemicals which are pretty unpleasant to handle. We promise getting into the habit of cleaning your oven after each use is worth it.


These days though, technology has stepped in to take practically all the pain out of cleaning the oven, and the Beko oven range includes a lot of these nifty little tricks.




Take advantage of self-cleaning programmes


If you haven’t heard about self-cleaning ovens, then get yourself in the know about pyrolytic cleaning, steam cleaning and catalytic panels. 


Pyrolytic cleaning is the most rigorous of the three. It heats up the oven to a staggering 480 ℃, burning stubborn food and grease particles to ash. All that’s left for you to do is to wipe away the remaining ash after the cycle finishes. 


Steam cleaning functions loosen up grease and food particles by injecting steam into the cavity. Some functions require that you pour water on the tray. Cleaning technologies like SteamShine® and SteamShine+® are a great way of cleaning your oven without any harsh chemicals. 


Catalytic panels absorb grease and use clever chemistry to turn it into an easy-to-clean residue while the oven is working. 




Pay attention to door design


Door design is surprisingly influential on how easy your oven is to clean, but Beko has you covered here too. The PractiClean feature makes cleaning the inside of the door by removing bolts and giving you a perfectly flat surface to wipe clean. The CleanZone® feature covers the door in a special oleophobic coating which resists dirt build-up. 


So, the secret to a clean oven is a little bit of discipline, but if you’re lucky, your appliance might have a few tricks up its sleeve to make the whole thing easier.



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