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2 min read

Tumble dryer or washer dryer: which one do you need?

Tumble Dryer or Washer Dryer: Which One Do You Need?
Tumble Dryer or Washer Dryer: Which One Do You Need?



Having a drying appliance for your laundry can save you from cluttering up your home with drying racks or dashing out to save your freshly washed sheets when the weather turns.


If you’ve decided you want this extra bit of comfort, there’s a choice to be made. Do you go for a separate tumble dryer, or a washer dryer combo? Both have their advantages, so let this guide unravel the question for you.




Tumble dryers have larger capacities but require extra room


Tumble dryers generally have a larger drum capacity than washer dryers. Tumble dryers can have capacities of up to 10 kg, while washer dryer combos can only handle around 5 or 6 kg. So, if you’re planning on drying a lot of laundry, this is certainly worth considering.


 A dedicated tumble dryer can also be more energy efficient than a standard washer dryer, giving you plenty to think about when making your decision. 


On the other hand, tumble dryers are an additional appliance, which means an additional expense and a requirement for more space.


That said, washer dryers can be close to the cost of a washing machine and tumble dryer combined, so you’ll have to do the sums to see what suits your budget. You can also position a dryer above or below a washing machine, which means you might be able to use your available space creatively.




Washer dryers have lower capacity but do the work of two machines


Convenience is probably the most attractive advantage of a washer dryer. You can wash and dry your clothes without transferring the load between machines. Some will even feature programmes that dry your laundry right after the wash has finished. Dirty clothes in, clean and dry clothes out!


Having both functions in a single appliance also saves on space, so if your home is on the smaller side, finding room for just one machine instead of two will probably be easier. 


There is a limit to the convenience offered by washer dryers though. Typically, their dryer capacity is a few kg lower than their washer capacity. This means you either have to lighten the washing load or remove some of the wet laundry before you run the dryer cycle.




Consider your budget and the space you have before making a decision


So, the decision comes down to the space you have, and possibly your budget. If you’ve got the room for two machines and can find a good deal, buying a separate washer and tumble dryer might be the best idea. Purchasing both from the same manufacturer can create a uniform feel between the two.


The good news is, you can stack a tumble dryer on a washing machine with the appropriate stacking kit to save some space. That way, only one machine will occupy floor space. 


If you’re absolutely limited on space, a washer dryer is the best, and might be the more economical option as well.



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