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How to fix a cooker hood that does not suck well?

How to fix a cooker hood that does not suck well?
How to fix a cooker hood that does not suck well?



There are several reasons for hood not to suck well. Please see if one of the following will solve the problem.




Make sure your hood’s extraction rate is appropriate for the room size 


Your hood’s extraction power might be lower than the kitchen or the cooker dimensions it can handle. Cooker hoods have different m3 per hour extraction rates, which essentially determines the capacity of the appliance. Check the specifications of your model and compare it to the kitchen size it is installed in.




Make sure the appliance is installed in an appropriate location


For best performance, your hood needs to be installed at a certain height above your hob. This may vary depending on your hood’s extraction rate, and the size of your kitchen and hob. For most hoods, it’s recommended that they be installed 65 cm above the hob. If your hood is any higher than this, it may not be able to extract grease, steam and smoke effectively.


For more information on how to install your appliance, consult your user manual. If you’re having trouble finding your manual, download it here using your product’s model number.  




Consider technical problems


If the problem continues, your hood might have a technical problem. If you suspect this to be the case, contact an authorised service agent.



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