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It is the chest freezer you known, but with a twist. Powered by the sun in addition to the grid, Solar Hybrid is a new technology that comes with a cooling appliance and affordable solar panels in one package.
electricity available
Solar Energy
When there's enough sunlight, the hybrid technology automatically runs on solar power.
Grid power is not used, but the freezer needs to be plugged in.
electricity available
no sunlight
Electrical Grid
Stays Frozen
When sunrays don’t reach the panels, the hybrid technology automatically switches to running on grid power. Even if the electricity goes out, food keeps frozen for up to 40 hours.

A Complete Cooling System

Beko SolarFresh is an all-around cooling system, offering the appliance together with the free high-quality solar panels in one package.

Expert engineers are available for a hassle-free installation to get your freezer up and running in a matter of days. The installation price for licensed expert service is fixed at an affordable price, guaranteeing the smooth operation of the system after installation.

Thanks to Beko’s Solar Hybrid technology solar power is no longer only accessible for the select few.

Free high-quality solar panels

The solar panels are specially designed for Beko SolarFresh and they come with your purchase. The system is ready-to-use with all necessary parts included.

No inverter required

The system works without the need for an inverter. This, in turn, makes it much more affordable.

Works without a battery

No battery is needed, reducing the initial investment. Now you can enjoy solar power without the additional and costly add-ons.

SolarFresh Chest Freezer

  • Defrost Type: Manual
  • Gross Volume: 255 Lt.
  • Size (H x W x D): 86 x 95.1 x 72.5 cm
  • Control Panel Type: Multimode
  • Hinge Type: Spring-loaded
  • Interior Material: Aluminium