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Your Perfect  Air Conditioner Inverter Model Not only functional, but also stylish!

A self-cleaning system that reduces odours & dust!

If you don’t clean your air conditioner it spits out dirty, unhealthy air. But cleaning is a hassle that takes time and money. Now, GoClean Technology allows you to reduce bacteria and wash away any dust, mould or grease that builds up naturally. A 55℃ high heat clean ensures a clean A/C, meaning the air in your own home is cleaner and healthier.  So cool your home while living the healthiest life possible, and use the time you save not manually cleaning your A/C but to care for your loved ones.

Cool down or heat up faster

When you’re hot, you’re hot - and you need to cool down ASAP! Unfortunately, many A/Cs take a while to really cool down a room. JetCool and JetHeat, however, use dual rotary compressors to cool down or heat up a room in seconds! When you hit the turbo button, get the room down to 18℃ in just 30 seconds, or up to 40℃ in 60 seconds. So next time you come in from a jog in the summer or from shoveling the snow in the winter, just crank up the A/C and get the room to the perfect temperature in no time!

Senses the real temperature where you stand

Even when the thermometer reads a particular temperature, it can feel much warmer or colder in another part of the room or wherever you happen to be. Now, ZoneFollow technology senses the temperature wherever you are, so you can relax in maximum comfort anywhere in the house. Specifically, the remote control has a special sensor itself, so wherever you are you can feel the exact temperature and adjust the A/C if it’s too hot or too cold. Don’t bother fiddling with your air conditioner’s controls ever again – just hang out wherever you want at the temperature that makes you most comfortable!

Control power consumption & enjoy cool air all day long!

Some regions suffer from a lack of reliable or stable power. Maybe you're used to outages, or generators that don't generate enough electricity for the A/C to work properly. Now, generator mode lets you remotely control your power consumption, reducing it by 30%, 50% or 70% depending on the setting. That means that the days of a fuse breaking because you’re watching TV while running the A/C are now a thing of the past! All told it consumes significantly less energy in Gen Mode, which means lower costs and less of a drain on your pocket!

Longer lasting, maximum efficiency

Even when the air conditioner works perfectly, the outdoor unit is exposed to the elements and can affect how well it works. Beko’s Gold Guard features unique anticorrosive gold coating that prevents bacteria from breeding, meaning your A/C will last longer. Not just that, Gold Guard ensures that the air conditioner works at maximum efficiency for longer, regardless of what the weather is outside thanks to its gold evaporator & condenser for defrosting. So enjoy your cool home for longer without worrying about what the outdoor unit is doing!

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