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TROPICAL Air Conditioner
Inverter Model

Inverter Model

Beko Tropical Air Conditioners provide powerful air cooling & heating, along with superior features like self-cleaning that gives you fresher & healthier air at home.


People love efficiency and durability, and their time and money are priceless. Beko has created intelligent technology to meet these demands

 High strength and endurance

 Creates Energy Saving (30%,50%,70% )

Jet Cool /Heat function

Cool down or heat up faster

When you’re hot, you’re hot - and you need to cool down ASAP! Unfortunately, many A/Cs take a while to really cool down a room. JetCool and JetHeat, however, use dual rotary compressors to cool down or heat up a room in seconds! When you hit the turbo button, get the room down to 18℃ in just 30 seconds, or up to 40℃ in 60 seconds. So next time you come in from a jog in the summer or from shoveling the snow in the winter, just crank up the A/C and get the room to the perfect temperature in no time!

Active Carbon Filter

Keep the air in your home fresh and cool

Air conditioners get a bad rap for making the air dusty or being unhealthy in general. Active Carbon Filters in Beko’s newest A/C puts those worries to rest. These filters make sure the air in your room is always fresh and healthy. The way it works is that filters catch small dust particles and are even able to absorb odours to make sure you’ve got cool air that’s as fresh as you’d like. So crank up the A/C and enjoy the cool breeze right inside your own home!


Longer lasting, maximum efficiency

Even when the air conditioner works perfectly, the outdoor unit is exposed to the elements and can affect how well it works. Beko’s Gold Guard features unique anticorrosive gold coating that prevents bacteria from breeding, meaning your A/C will last longer. Not just that, Gold Guard ensures that the air conditioner works at maximum efficiency for longer, regardless of what the weather is outside thanks to its gold evaporator & condenser for defrosting. So enjoy your cool home for longer without worrying about what the outdoor unit is doing!

Inverter models