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Sustainability at Beko. A healthier planet for a healthier future.

Nature in everything we do

We are more connected than ever before. We understand that healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet.


Harnessing nature's power

Our journey starts with our sustainable raw material selection which is followed by bold actions in production. Rainwater harvesting, green electricity, recycled and bio-based material usage are just some of the ways in which we connect nature to Beko.


BioCycle Waste doesn’t have to be wasted

Egg shell waste and sustainable bio-based plastics are used to create key components in our BioCycle refrigerators.


RecycledNet Trapping plastic waste

Protecting marine life by turning redundant fishing nets into our RecycledNet ovens.


RecycledTub Cleaning up plastic waste

Using recycled plastic bottles to make our RecycledTub washing machines and washer dryers


RecycledDry Tackling single use plastic waste

Repurposing waste plastics to make our RecycledDry tumble dryers.


BioCoffee More than just waste

Using coffee ground waste to create our BioCoffee™ Espresso machines.

Taking the greener road to a healthier planet

Cutting emissions to help the planet breathe easier

Our emission reductive transportation solutions include a shift towards rail and maritime movement, and our nature-friendly packaging helps keep our planet healthy.


Sustainably considered products at your fingertips

Beko invites you to come and share this journey by making sustainability the easy choice. Our energy efficient products help you save vital resources - come join us in making the planet a healthier place.

HeatPump Explained

Energy Hero Dishwasher 10% higher energy efficiency than the best energy class. An energy hero with ultimate performance!

AquaTech® Explained

AquaTech 50% faster & gentler performance, beyond energy standards.

Split & Cook Explained

Split & Cook Split the space, split the energy.

Technology Explained

Energy Efficient Dishwasher Using up to 25% less energy.

Our recycling plants

Making our mark by leaving nothing behind


GWh of energy saved*


tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented*


million tonnes of water saved*

Healthier living for future generations

Our partnerships and technologies support people to lead healthier lifestyles on a healthier planet.

Eat Like a Pro by Beko

Championing healthy lifestyles and inspiring change for children

Beko teamed up with Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team and Esports LEC to educate children about healthy nutrition and to tackle childhood obesity

Simulating the sun cycle

HarvestFresh Products promoting healthy living
Simulating the natural sun cycle to keep fruit and veg fresh

Steam Technology

SteamSolutions Healthier living tastes good
Our SteamSolution ovens offer a healthy way to enrich food

Making change

Partnered with UNICEF to advocate a better diets for school-age children across Latin Americas

We used education and informative platforms to motivate and empower children to make healthier choice.

*Figures, actions, and targets by parent company Arçelik.

**Revised to decrease 50.4% greenhouse gas emissions in line with 1.5 celcius degree scenario – at the approval stage.

Intertek performed 7-day laboratory testing on vitamin C and vitamin A measurements in direct light exposed tomato and green pepper.

Partnered with UNICEF between 2018-2020.

Real Leaders logo

Real Leaders Top 200

Beko has ranked 20th in The Real Leaders Top 200 Impact Companies of 2022.

S&P Global logo

86 out of 100

Arçelik, which is Beko’s parent company achieved the highest score (86/100) in its industry in the 2021 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

CDP logo

Arçelik received A

As Beko, we are proud of our parent company Arçelik for receiving A- in the CDP 2021 Climate Change and Water Security Programs by reporting its operations in Turkey.

Sustainanalytics logo

Low ESG Risk Rating

In December 2021, Beko’s parent company Arçelik received an ESG Risk Rating of 12.1 by Sustainanalytics and was assessed to be at the low level risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors.

Ecovadis logo

Gold Medal in 2021

As Beko, we are extremely proud of our parent company received Gold Medal by Ecovadis in 2021.