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1 min read

How to get rid of washing machine odours?

How to get rid of washing machine odours?
How to get rid of washing machine odours?



As the appliance that’s responsible for keeping your favourite blouse or lucky shirt clean, the last thing you want is your washing machine smelling funky. While the best way to keep your washing machine smelling fresh is regular cleaning , here are few things you can do to if you notice less-than-fragrant odours coming from your appliance.




Be bold against mould


Mould is often the main culprit when it comes to a smelly washing machine. Mould can build up in the door seal, detergent drawer and debris filter, so make sure you keep these parts of the appliance clean.




Turn the heat up


Detergent and softener are things that are supposed to clean your clothes, right? Well they can cause bad odours if they don’t fully dissolve during a wash cycle and are left hanging around in the drum afterwards. Cooler wash cycles can cause this, so make sure you use a hot wash programme every so often.




Don’t sweat it


Bad smells can be caused by humid air trapped in the drum after a wash cycle. Leave the door open for 15 minutes or so after a wash to let the drum air out.




Self-clean dream


If you’re lucky enough to have a washing machine with a self-cleaning programme, like DrumClean+. Run this every month or so to keep your drum smelling fresh. If your appliance doesn’t have this feature, you can run the hottest cycle without laundry or detergent to get similar results.



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