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My air conditioner has been installed. Is there something I should do before using my air conditioner for the first time?

The service agent that has installed your air conditioner will also have turned it on for the first time. If there were no problems, you do not need to do anything specific before using your air conditioner.

I lost my air conditioner’s remote control. Can I turn on my air conditioner without it?

Yes, you can use the ON/OFF button on your air conditioner’s body unit to turn it on and off. However, you won’t be able to change the temperature setting. 


If the air conditioner was set to cooling when it was last used, it will automatically turn on set to 24 °C. If it was set to heating, the temperature will be set at 30 °C. You can get in touch with an authorized service agent in order to replace your remote control.

It takes my air conditioner a few minutes to restart. Is that normal?

This is normal.


It is a precaution built into your air conditioner to protect it. Your air conditioner will start blowing air after three minutes.