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My Beko tumble dryer beeps five times when I press a button or turn the programme selection knob. Is this normal?

This means that the child lock on your tumble dryer is active. 

To deactivate the child lock, press the sound notification/buzzer button and the start / pause / cancel / end duration button simultaneously for three seconds while any programme is running. The lights on the buttons will flash while you do so. 

You can also switch the programme selection knob to the On/Off position while no programme is running to deactivate the lock. 

The procedure to activate/deactivate the child lock may vary depending on your model. If the procedures described above do not work, consult your user manual. If you’re having trouble finding your manual, download it here using your product’s model number.  

How do I set or cancel a delayed programme on my Beko tumble dryer?

If you want your drying cycle to end at later time, you can delay the start or set an end time to the selected programme (depending on the model of your appliance). This is especially useful if the electricity or water cost is lower during specific hours of the day.


To set a delayed programme, load your tumble dryer and select the programme along with the additional functions you need. Press the End Duration/End Time (whichever is available on your control panel). You can now set when you want the drying process to finish and start your tumble dryer as usual. You can cancel the delay function by turning the appliance off and on again.


For Beko tumble dryers with Delayed Start buttons on their panels, you can set up a delay to the programme start. Load your tumble dryer and select the programme and additional functions as usual. Set the starting time by pressing the Delayed Start button (or the Delayed Start + or - buttons, if available). You can now start your tumble dryer. If you want to cancel the countdown and start the drying immediately, press the start button and decrease the time left until it reaches 0. Pressing the start button again will begin the programme as usual.


If the panel has the Time Delay button with the numbers 3, 6 and 9, this means that you can set when you want the drying process to begin. A 3-hour delay is selected when the button is pressed once. If you press the same button again, a delay of 6 hours is selected. If pressed once more, the programme will begin in 9 hours. If the Time Delay button is pressed one more time, the delay function will be cancelled. 

After selecting the delay time, you can push start and the programme will begin after the set delay.


For more information, head over to our guide on Beko tumble dryer programmes and features.

Can I use my tumble dryer in the garage?

Tumble dryers require a well ventilated, dust-free environment to function properly. We do not recommend using your tumble dryer in the garage. 

Where can I find my tumble dryer's serial number?

Every Beko tumble dryer has a unique serial number. It’s located on the frame just inside the door.