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An Inspirational Relief
An Inspirational Relief

2m read

An inspirational relief: Timeless Italian kitchen design
An Inspirational Relief: Most Gorgeous Italian Kitchen Designs of All Time

The Italian kitchen is the epitome of elegance, so it’s no wonder this style is one of the most popular when it comes to modern kitchen design. Although Italian kitchens are traditionally warm and rustic, they also use sumptuous materials such as dark woods and marbles. Instead of light, bright colors, you can offset this design with dark greys and browns to create a unique and premium-looking space. If you are planning a kitchen remodel and want a luxury kitchen, the Italian style might be the right choice for you. 


Take elements of the elegance of Italy and create the sophisticated kitchen of your dreams. Italian-inspired kitchens are the perfect way to blend the traditional and the contemporary to create a space that truly wows your dinner guests.  

Dark greys against beautiful marble surfaces 

Italian kitchens don’t have to be rustic. In fact, many interior design-conscious homeowners have shown just how modern and sophisticated an Italian kitchen can be. Opt for a minimalist design with clean lines and contrasting colors. A dark grey accent wall against a light grey marble countertop gives a real feel of elegance.


Italian-inspired kitchens fit well in a dark interiors-style home, seamlessly integrating with the rest of your living space. Contrast different shades of dark greys and browns on walls and kitchen cabinets. Finish the overall look with statement lighting that incorporates gold or copper for a really stand-out look. 

Signature lighting pieces 

Traditionally, Italian kitchens are bright and breezy. Featured lighting is the perfect way to achieve this look without the need to go all white. Designer Italian-inspired hanging pendant lights over your kitchen island will give your kitchen effortless style and class. 


For a more opulent look, go big with large, copper bowl lighting. Or choose a more elegant, ultra-modern orb light to hang over the kitchen table or island. 


For a modern twist on the Italian style, opt for an open plan look that brings rooms together. Modular kitchen design creates a contemporary, ultra-stylish look that is versatile and visually impactful. To achieve this look, opt for a neutral color palette that incorporates grey, silver, dark browns and black. This creates an excellent background for a contemporary kitchen and an Italian-inspired interior with bold accents. Contrast this with natural textures such as granite or marble countertops to add some real sophistication. 

It’s all in the detail 

While the modern Italian style has moved away from a rustic kitchen, there are many elements you can add to your design to really wow. Appliances and accessories run the gamut in Italian design. Combine stainless steel ultra-stylish fridge-freezers  with the all-important coffee machine. Opt for a state-of-art coffee machine  that gives you the barista-style experience at the touch of a button. 


Go even further with some statement taps. Gold and copper work particularly well against dark greys and browns. Opt for simple yet elegant designs that draw the eye – even better if your taps then reflect off of your beautiful marble work surfaces. 

All out Tuscan elegance

If you're really wanting to impress with an opulent Italian kitchen design, opt for some Tuscan elegance. You can achieve this look with dark wood, opulent lighting, and marble counter and hood. This provides gorgeous natural texture while looking incredibly sophisticated.