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Beko Refrigerator Models

Sold in New Zealand From 2017 to 2020



Beko has entered into an undertaking with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, which includes our acknowledgement that the Beko refrigerator models BFR630DB and BFR630DX do not meet the pull-down temperature standard and that we will undertake certain action to rectify this situation.


Beko has undertaken to provide purchasers of the Beko refrigerator models BFR630DB and BFR630DX with the option for either:

  • An in-home free service call to install a new fan arrangement and software update to improve performance of the refrigerator; or alternatively,
  • Beko will collect the refrigerator and provide a refund on the purchase price since a replacement model is not available.


Reason for the Action
It is important to note that your refrigerator is safe to use.


The pull-down temperature standard, mentioned above, requires the refrigerator to reduce the internal temperature from an ambient of 43°C to 8 °C in 6 hours, which replicates the situation when the refrigerator is first turned on in a hot environment. It is unusual for New Zealand to achieve 43°C but given these circumstances, the BFR630DB and BFR630DX models will not reach this temperature in the specified time and has therefore failed to comply with the standard.

If you choose Option 1, to modify your product, please note that the performance of the BFR630DB and BFR630DX will improve but in an environment where the ambient temperature is 43°C, the BFR630DB and BFR630DX will not reach this temperature in this time, when turned on for the first time, even after modifications. Therefore, you must consider this, if your product is situated in a place where the ambient temperature regularly goes above 43°C when you first turn the unit on.


Once the product has been modified, the fridge compartment will only be safe to use after 24 hours.



To arrange your free in-home service call or the claim your refund please click on the appropriate link below and complete the online form.


You will need your full name, postal address, email, phone number and serial number of your Beko fridge, alongside with your proof of purchase.



Arrange your free in-home service call






Claim your refund

Frequently asked questions

        Or contact Beko Customer Care on 0800 692 356

        where we can also answer any questions you may have.