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We've got you covered!


We test all our appliances.

We stress test everything to the extreme so you can be stress free.

That's a Beko state of mind!





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a Beko state of mind


Whatever the stress, or mess, that life throws at your home... you can remain cool, calm and collected, knowing Beko has your back. You can be confident we've stress-tested all our appliances, so you can be stress-free. So you can have a whole new positive outlook on life, a new state of mind. A Beko state of mind.





Did you know?


We spend most of our waking hours thinking about our worries, distracted by an increasingly busy world.

Yet peace of mind is essential for a healthy, happy life. That's why Beko provides innovative

appliances that truly give you peace of mind, freeing you up to live a healthier, happier life. 

Worry-free products that you can rely on for quality and durability, that's a Beko state of mind!










Most Sustainable Home Appliance

Company in the World*


Arçelik, our parent company, continues to be recognized and praised by several authorities for our sustainability initiatives. We are steadfast in our unwavering commitment to sustainability and to making a positive impact on the world.


*based on Corporate Knights 2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list





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Our Sustainability Credentials

continue to be recognised


Arçelik has been recognized for the 5th consecutive year, as the highest-scoring household durables company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) with a score of 86 points. Additionally, our company has been recognized on The Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations Ranking of Corporate Knights, for the third time in a row.





Did you know?


Arçelik, Beko's parent company, has long been an advocate for sustainable development,

setting an example in its industry. Now in the 15th year of our sustainability journey,

as a brand committed to improving everyday lives and upholding our commitments to sustainability,

we put our consumers home at the heart of our mission.










Everyone deserves peace of mind


You deserve peace of mind when buying a home appliance. That's why Beko has your back with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on our major home appliances.





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5 Years for Peace of Mind


The Beko 5 year warranty is an 'always on' part of your MDA (Major Domestic Appliance) product purchase. We offer a 5 year warranty via registration every day. Just register your new appliance within 90 days of purchase and know your new Beko appliance is covered for 5 years with a manufacturer's warranty, free of charge.





Did you know?


Each new Beko major domestic appliance comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty

from the date of purchase. All you have to do is register your new washer, dryer, oven,

fridge, cooktop, dishwasher or rangehood within 90 days of purchase and know your

new Beko appliance is covered for 5 years with a manufacturer's warranty, free of charge.






Cutting-edge technology

affordable for everyone


We are one of the Top 3 large home appliances brands in Europe with our wide range of products, our powerful heritage and our strong availability in more than 130 countries around the world.





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One of the top 3 large home appliance brands in Europe


Our journey started in 1955 when large home appliances first became a fixture in every household. Over the past 60 years, we’ve made it a point to change the lives of our customers with innovating products that both meet their needs and are more sustainable for the environment.





Did you know?


For the past 60 years, Beko has undertaken the mission of enhancing the lives of its

customers in over 135 countries. This is achieved through innovative products that

are not only affordable for everyone but also promote a healthy lifestyle. Our

dedication to modern and sustainable cutting-edge technologies has propelled us

a long way. Take the next step towards a healthier future with Beko.











More than 17,000 5 Star Reviews


At Beko, our aim is to give you the confidence that you are making the right choice. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our products helping people to live a healthier, and happier life.







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17k+ 5 Star Reviews from ANZ
We always love to hear how our customers are finding our products. We are partnered with review collection platform Bazaarvoice to collect and share authentic and impartial product reviews and opinions on our products. We've achieved more than 17,000 5 Star Reviews from Australian and New Zealand Beko home appliance owners.




Did you know?


We understand the value of our users' feedback.

That's why we've been collecting reviews from our customers since 2020.

All reviews on our website are collected locally from Australian and New Zealand

Beko home appliance owners. We provide reviews on our Beko products from local

Beko home appliance owners to give you peace of mind and help you to have

complete confidence you're making the right decision.








European heritage and innovative technology


From sleek and sophisticated designs to innovative features, Beko appliances reflect the sophistication and reliability synonymous with European manufacturing.






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Made in Europe

Beko Home Appliances, proudly crafted in Europe, embody the essence of European design, build, and quality. Rooted in a rich tradition of craftsmanship, these appliances seamlessly blend modern functionality with the timeless elegance of European style. With a commitment to excellence, Beko prioritizes precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each appliance meets the highest standards of performance and durability.  




Did you know?


Our parent company Arçelik A.Ş, established in 1955, is one of the largest

household appliance producers in Europe. With a global workforce of over 30,000 people

in more than 30 countries, distributing products and services to 130+ countries.






Discover our product range


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