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Beko Customer Reviews
We love our Beko customers! Did you know 95% of our product owners would recommend Beko to a friend? Whether you are in the market for an oven, washing machine or cooktop, at Beko, we have put all the information together that you need to make an informed decision. No matter what corner of your house you’re looking to improve, replace or upgrade your whitegoods and appliances, find out what our customers are saying about our products through the dedicated Beko reviews section. These reviews are a one stop shop, designed to provide future customers with insights and recommendations on our products and brand. If you’re still on the fence about buying a Beko, let our happy customers convince you.
Beko Oven Reviews


We love our Side Vending Pyrolytic Built-In Oven, but don’t just take it from us, our customers think it’s pretty top notch too. This all-round oven is packed with features such as spacious interiors and quick heat functionality that make cooking a breeze. It has even heating technology and multiple program settings, which ensures your meals are always properly cooked. Above all, our customers rave about the self-cleaning mechanism, which cleans without chemicals, making it even easier to use. Not the right oven for you – browse our full range of ovens to find your perfect fit!

"Great features, like the sliding shelves and all the different cooking types."
Anonymous, Sydney
"Just love my oven and can't get over how good it self-cleans without chemicals."
Anonymous, Port Germein
"Excellent oven, love the pizza function and the cleaning programme."
Anonymous, Christchurch
Beko Washing Machine Reviews
Efficient and easy to use, is the reason our customers love their  Front Load AutoDose Washing Machine. Complete with leading functionalities, such as detergent and softener dispensers, variety of cleaning cycles and low noise mode, its efficiency lies in the AutoDose technology, which optimises your detergent use for maximum cleaning. Our customers’ glowing reviews about this high durability product will lead you to explore our entire range of washing machines.
"Great washing machine easy to use and is very quite."
Anonymous, Annadale
"The auto dosing is great, don’t use as much laundry liquid and fabric softener."
"It works really well and handles everything we throw in to it."
Anonymous, Redbank Plains
Beko Dishwasher Reviews
In need of a reliable dishwasher? Beko’s BDF1620X: Freestanding Dishwasher has your back! It has made every day dish washing easier for plenty of families. Complete with spacious interiors and various stacking options, it has 16 place settings for your dishes and cutlery. Check out the entire range of freestanding dishwashers here!
"It has made things so much easier in our household."
"Washes extremely well, really like the cutlery drawer and the intense wash cycle."
Anonymous, Victoria
"Plenty of space, and stacking options for dishes, and the cleaning results are great."
Anonymous, Mt Gambier
Beko Dryer Reviews
A robust product that is both economical and energy efficient, our Hybrid 8 kg Tumble Dryer has everything you need in a dryer. In addition to its innovative heating and quick drying technology, this machine retains your clothes vibrant colours. AquaWave® means every load gets the gentle treatment. If you’ve been burnt by dryers before, check out some of our customers glowing reviews about this product, and the remaining tumble dryers in our range.
"If you want a great clothes dryer look no further."
Anonymous, Tarneit
"Easy to use, quiet operation and handy internal led light."
Anonymous, Western Australia
"Super-efficient, nice and easy to use that my kids can manage to operate it."
Anonymous, Mt Gambier
Beko Fridge Reviews
Explore the BBM450X: Fridge Freezer which is full of features that make it the perfect accompaniment to your kitchen. It contains sturdy shelf space and smart functionalities such as Active Blue Light Technology that keeps your vegetables fresher for longer. Have a read through the reviews and explore others fridges in the range.
"This is a great fridge and freezer it’s very spacious and easily organised."
Anonymous, Sydney
"An excellent fridge, value for money and great shelf space."
"Fridge has a cool blue light and automatic sound to close fridge if you forget!"
Anonymous, Sydney
Beko Cooktop Reviews
The BCT903IG: Built-In Cooktop is an easy to use and clean cooktop that can be the perfect addition to every kitchen. With individual 15 power settings, it ensures your food is cooked evenly, just the way you want it. Above all, its efficiency lies in the IndyFlex® technology that accommodates to match your pan size. Explore other cooktops in the range!
"This is so easy to use and great value Beko appliances are reliable and dependable."
Anonymous, Yallourn North
"Absolutely awesome we enjoy using whenever we can, cooking with it is a joy"
Bob and CJ, Bundaberg
"Easy to use... clean and a great size plate for big cooks."
Diana, Middleton
Beko Upright Freezer Reviews
Have a read of the raving reviews and positive feedback from our customers about our Upright Freezer (90cm). They are extremely satisfied with the whopping 250L storage space, separate compartments, and complete visibility through its tempered glass shelves. Like this, you can discover other freezers in our selection too.
"Good fridge, great storage space, separate compartments and excellent visibility."
"Love the doors on the front of the sections to stop things falling out."
Anonymous, Central Queensland
"This is really a good stuff, no noise, more room inside and organised."
Rafi, WA
Beko Freestanding Cooker Reviews
Discover the 90cm Freestanding Cooker. Complete with dual fans to cook evenly, two lights to provide total visibility in the oven, multitude of cooking settings and a quick functioning gas burner, this appliance has everything you need to ensure your cooking experience is efficient and hassle free. Need a second opinion? Read on for our Freestanding Cooker reviews and keep browsing through others freestanding cookers in the range!
"Great oven heats up fast, love the screen to show mode and temp."
Anonymous, New Zealand
"This appliance is fantastic I am still learning all its features."
Sue K, Maryborough
"Heats quickly for its size and has a great selection of cooking settings."
Anonymous, South Canterbury (New Zealand
At Beko, we understand the value of our users’ feedback. All reviews mentioned here aim to help our future customers make the right decision, so they are totally satisfied when they buy their first Beko appliance. Whether it is your kitchen or laundry, we cater to every corner of your home, keeping efficiency and quality at the core of our products. Discover our product range and start your journey with us today.