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Large-Capacity Ovens for Cooking a Major Feast
Large-Capacity Ovens for Cooking a Major Feast

1m read


Large-Capacity Ovens for Cooking a Major Feast


If you're cooking for a major feast this holiday season or on any other special occasion, you’ll need a large-capacity oven. You can find and buy a Beko oven online or in stores, as it has the features you require to successfully prepare a large feast.


Above-average cavity volume


Beko cookers have ovens with an above-average cavity volume. While the average volume is at 60L, there are Beko cookers with 108 and 111 liters. This makes them perfect for cooking large meals or batches of food.


More gas burners with space for a wok


While waiting for your dish to be cooked in the oven, you can proceed to cooking on the hob. It has five gas burners with space for a wok. This way, you can get much cooking done in a shorter amount of time.


Highly efficient gas burners


As an energy-saving appliance, a Beko cooker can do faster and more efficient cooking on the hob while using less energy. No one goes hungry waiting because you can easily whip up something light or prepare and serve the soup to keep everyone warm while your main dish cooks in the oven.


Gas safety device


Everyone in a busy kitchen may easily miss when a burner flame is extinguished by overflowing, boiling liquid. No worries because the gas safety features of Beko cookers automatically shuts off the gas supply in these instances, keeping your kitchen leak-free and safe.


Telescopic shelf type


Safely and easily pull out hot and heavy dishes from the oven. Beko’s telescopic shelves pull out most of the way, giving you quick access and ample space to maneuver as you lift the dish from the oven and onto the table.


Halogen illumination


Check your cooking easily through a clear view of what’s happening inside your Beko oven. Its halogen illumination lets you see the food without opening the oven door, keeping the heat consistent and properly distributed inside.


Cooking a major feast for the holidays can be a daunting task. But with careful planning and the right oven, you can make your holiday meal a success. 

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