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Upgrade Your Kitchen with Better Appliances for 2023
Upgrade Your Kitchen with Better Appliances for 2023

1m read


Upgrade Your Kitchen with Better Appliances for 2023


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you cook, eat, and gather with family and friends. So why not make your kitchen as beautiful and functional as possible? 


With the right appliances, turn your kitchen into a true powerhouse. Here are Beko kitchen appliances to upgrade your kitchen in 2023.




Buy a Beko refrigerator for a healthier and smarter 2023. It has features that make healthy living easier and is an energy-saving appliance that provides faster cooling using less energy. 


It has the HarvestFresh technology, which keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer while keeping their vitamins intact. This means you always use fresh and nutrient-packed ingredients for your dishes, and fresh fruits are always available for healthy snacking.




Start the year right with healthy, home-cooked meals. Make it a daily habit and sustain a healthy lifestyle with a Beko cooker. It has a high-efficiency gas burner that lets you cook meals faster on the hob, so you can prepare and serve fresh, healthy dishes despite a busy schedule. 


Moreover, with a Beko cooker’s halogen illumination and telescopic shelves in its oven, you can cook perfect dishes every time and easily move them in and out.




Have a dishwasher that makes your life easier to achieve more in 2023. A Beko dishwasher has a Fast+ function that speeds up the washing cycle, giving you more time for your pursuits. Its Easy-Fold Plate Support and Sliding Cutlery Basket features also save you more time by enabling the dishwasher to take in more dirty dishes, including the big, bulky ones.


Beko Sends Love


As you upgrade your kitchen with these appliances that make your life easier and promote a healthy lifestyle, you may also get a chance to win from the Beko Sends Love promo!  


Whenever you buy Beko appliances, you earn raffle entries that can win you free fuel cards worth Php 5,000 or a free family trip to Boracay, Coron, or Davao. You can claim your raffle numbers when you register your purchase receipt online. The receipt should be from a single purchase amounting to at least Php 10,000. 

Begin the New Year with better kitchen appliances. Buy your refrigerator, cooker, and dishwasher from Beko now, and get the chance to win exciting prizes!