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2m read

3 Health Benefits of Steaming Food


In terms of diet and nutrition, it’s often not just about having healthy ingredients— it’s also about how you cook those ingredients that bring out the best health benefits. One of the healthiest and most convenient methods of cooking food is steaming. For starters, you can cook different ingredients at the same time in the same pan because there is minimal flavor transfer. Cleaning your pan isn’t also as hard as scraping off burnt bits from an oily frying session.



The best part of steaming, however, is the abundance of health benefits to keep your body’s inner wellness in top shape. Read on to find out about the great health benefits of steaming food.



Lowers cholesterol


Steam eliminates fat from proteins like chicken and fish, which in turn lowers the cholesterol you’ll consume for the dish. Steam also doesn’t need oil, so this immediately lessens the saturated fat or any additional fat in your food. Remember: a tablespoon of vegetable oil typically contains 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. With steaming, you won’t need to worry about those extra numbers anymore.



Keeps the nutrients in


When food is cooked with heat and oil, it is highly likely that a large portion of the vitamins and nutrients—especially water soluble vitamins like B and C commonly found in vegetables—will be burned off once the dish makes it to your table. When you steam, however, more nutrients and around 90 percent of the antioxidants are kept intact. Aside from the healthy elements, more color and natural flavor can be retained this way.



Easier to digest


Steam softens the fiber in food, so they are easier to digest and process for your stomach. The softer the food, the easier to absorb all the awesome natural health benefits of your ingredients.





Knowing all of these, consider steaming food as one of our healthy living tips. To try out all the healthy goodness of steam cooking, consider adding Beko’s steam-assisted cooking oven to your kitchen arsenal. Aside from your inner health, Beko’s appliances also have energy-saving features, making it friendly for both your wallet and the earth. Have fun experimenting with different steamed dishes worry-free!