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Easy To Prepare and Nutritious Back-To-School Lunch For Your Kids

Easy To Prepare and Nutritious Back-To-School Lunch For Your Kids
Easy To Prepare and Nutritious Back-To-School Lunch For Your Kids

Growing kids need many nutrients to help them get stronger and maintain good health. Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice that parents must always encourage their children in, especially while still young. With this in mind, it’s important for parents to instill this habit so that they will practice it not just at home, but even in school.



As early as now, sift through your best-priced refrigerator and see what you can do. Here are some easy to prepare lunch ideas for your kids to bring in school:



Hummus and veggie sticks





Dips are always a good idea for kids. It’s also a great addition to a meal, more so when as nutritious as hummus. Pair up some veggie sticks with this tasty dip and see how your kids will munch them down quickly.








This is not only nutritious but also easy to make with only a few ingredients required. All you need is a whole-wheat tortilla, shredded cheese, some avocados, and you can serve a filling school lunch. It also tastes as good when cold, so no need for reheating. Add some fresh fruits and non-sugary drinks to complete.






One of every kid’s favorite Filipino dish is definitely adobo, whether it’s chicken or pork. Just add a decent amount of rice and your child’s lunch is ready. Another benefit of this dish is that it doesn’t spoil easily like other viands. If you have a bit of leftover from last night’s dinner, heat it up and let your kids have it for their lunch.



Belgium waffles with strawberries





Lunch but make it breakfast. It’s not just adults who like eating food usually eaten during breakfast. Kids love it too! You can prepare some whole-wheat waffles and pair it up with your kid’s favorite fruits. Pancakes and even Arroz a la Cubana can also work too.



Preparing lunch for kids can be challenging, especially with all the things parents need to do. Still, it’s a great way to take care and express your love for your children.