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Healthy Dishes To Serve For Noche Buena
Healthy Dishes To Serve For Noche Buena

2m read

Healthy Dishes To Serve For Noche Buena


With Christmas a few more days away, the Philippine government has advised everyone to skip family gatherings for everyone’s safety. The Department of Health (DOH) has requested the public to avoid family reunions, which is common for Filipino households during the holidays. In-person shopping and other activities that have higher risks of transmitting the virus are discouraged.



Of course, these prohibitions are not made to stop families from celebrating Christmas. Instead, it’s to promote safer and better options such as having a virtual get together or buying a useful oven online to help with preparations. Another option is for families to prepare a healthier Noche Buena feast like the following:








Believe it or not, not all salads are healthy. But, with the right ingredients, it can very well be. Mayonnaise, bacon, and anything deep-fried should be avoided. Stick to your greens and other organic vegetables and fruits. You can also add some nuts, seeds, and dried fruit for added flavor. For the dressing, a simple vinaigrette will do.








Except for crab fat and shrimp heads, seafoods are one of the best sources of nutrients like protein and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, white meats of crabs and shrimp, and tuna are some good examples of what you can serve to your family for the holidays. You can either serve them grilled or steamed with fresh vegetables.



Meat and poultry





Meat and poultry are excellent sources of protein and other nutrients such as iron and zinc. Like seafood, serve them steamed or grilled for a healthier meal instead of deep fried. As deep frying involves a lot of oil, it results in food losing its water content and absorbing fat. This makes it high in calories and trans fat, which is very unhealthy for your body.



With the current situation of the world, it’s important that we keep protecting our family. One such way we can do so is make sure they eat right and healthy. So, for this coming holiday, choose the many healthier options available to you.