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How To Improve Family Wellness

How To Improve Family Wellness
How To Improve Family Wellness

What is family wellness? When asked, Dr. Bill Hettler of the National Wellness Institute describes wellness with six components. These are physical, intellectual, occupational, social, emotional, and spiritual. With this in mind, wellness isn’t just about taking care of one’s health. It comprises other areas, which we can make an effort to improve for the better.



Here are some ways you can do so:



Eat meals together





While it’s essential to promote a healthy lifestyle to your kids, shared family time should also be prioritized, especially for meals. Parents must do their best to instill this practice on their children while young. This way, eating together as a way to spend quality time isn’t put aside. Besides, there are other advantages to this. You get to encourage communication with kids and teach them how to be responsible by dividing kitchen chores. 



Have a family fun night





It doesn’t always have to be about work and school. Make sure that you at least designate a day where you get to bond with your family. Time goes by so fast and before you know it, your kids are already on their way to college. So make as many great memories as you can with them. With our current situation, there are fun activities you can do at home such as movie nights and backyard camping, and many more. 



Get active





Promote healthy habits for life by teaching your kids to be active. Encourage them to include exercises in their daily activities. Better yet, you can join in exercising with them. Come up with simple and easy routines like stretching, jumping jacks, and high step marches. Apart from getting the physical activity their body needs, you also get to enjoy these moments.



Visit your relatives





Today, it doesn’t matter whether your relatives are across the globe. With technology, you can already get in touch with them easily. Still, nothing beats spending time with them in person. Making an effort to visit your relatives with your kids is a huge step in improving social wellness. By doing so, you can help them feel a sense of belonging and maintain a great relationship with their grandparents, aunts, cousins, and more. This can be done once community quarantine has been lifted in your area.



These are just some of the things you can do to promote health and wellness. As every household varies, so are the things you can do. Don’t feel limited by what’s given above. Feel free to come up with other ways, which you think can help nurture a healthier lifestyle in your family.