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How To Keep Your Clothes Clean And Fresh This Rainy Season

How To Keep Your Clothes Clean And Fresh This Rainy Season
How To Keep Your Clothes Clean And Fresh This Rainy Season

While the cold rainy season is a sweet replacement to the Philippine summer heat, it comes along with laundry troubles every homemaker dreads. This time of the year is when a kulob smell on clothes becomes all too familiar. 



Although getting clothes properly dried has become a tricky task, it’s not at all impossible. Your shirts and even pants can keep smelling fresh and clean as long as you buy an efficient washing machine and follow these tips:



Get a fabric conditioner



There are tons of scented ones you can buy in stores. You may choose according to your scent preferences. The good with using this is that it can help clothes avoid getting a damp odor. Just be warned, however, that this can’t compensate for thoroughly washed clothes. Before using a fabric conditioner, make sure clothes are properly laundered, especially if it's something worn outside.



Wash immediately



Don’t let your hampers get filled with dirty clothes. You’ll only end up getting a heavier chore than expected, more so if you have a big family to take care of. Instead of washing all laundries in one go, set a workable schedule. You may also ask your kids to help and maybe even use this as a bonding moment.



Make use of dryers



Since drying clothes under the sun isn’t always an option, this is the best time to make use of the automatic washing machine and dryer you got for sale. These appliances can surely help quicken the job.



Leave some space



When done washing, it’s not advisable to place damp clothes too close or over one another. Doing so will only result in an unpleasant damp smell and a delay in drying. Remember that moisture is the enemy. Put enough space between wet clothes to help dry.


Anyone who has worn clothing with a kulob smell can understand how hard it is to wash clothes during this time. But, with a little more effort and a couple of tips mentioned above, you’d no longer have to worry about wanting to redo your laundry. You’ll have clean and fresh clothes in no time.