How To Keep Your House Dust-Free
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2m read

How To Keep Your House Dust-Free


Dust is one of the many things homemakers battle everyday when maintaining a clean and healthy home. A study shows that the average home is said to accumulate about 40 pounds of dust each year. After all, dust is made of a mixture of dead skin cells, hair, clothing fiber, and other microscopic waste like pollen and plastic. This explains how it’s not something you can completely get rid of.



Still, there’s a way to significantly lessen the amount of dust in your home. By doing the following tips, you can ensure your family won’t have to suffer any health problems associated with dust.



Skip on the feather dusters





While movies and tv shows often depict feather dusters as cleaning equipment, it’s truthfully not. Feather dusters may look colorful and whimsical, but they can only push around dust instead of cleaning them out. Instead of this, homemakers should use a microfiber cloth because of its ability to collect and trap dust particles. It is also washable, making it less costlier compared to any other feather duster.



Buy an efficient vacuum cleaner





Probably one of the best invented home cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners have become an essential appliance to every home. It serves as a great help in gathering dust and other dirt in a container through its suction power. So, if you’re looking for one, choose a trusted brand like Beko.



Do a garage sale





A garage sale is one of the best ways to organize your home and be free of things you don’t need. It’s a good call to sell away unused clothing, home items, or decors that you don’t utilize and only end up accumulating dust in your home. Besides you’ll be earning a couple of bucks, you’ll also be able to get rid of them responsibly.



Clean from top to bottom





Once you’ve finished dusting up your walls, high shelves, and furniture, you can move to the floor. Just imagine working your way from bottom to the top. Doing this can only result in needing to clean whatever dust and dirt fell to the floor. Thus, this is the only way to efficiently clean.



It’s difficult to keep a home completely dust-free. Sometimes, you do your best to wipe out every spec of dust you see and then minutes later, you’ll see it dusty again. This is normal. However, this doesn’t mean you should just let it accumulate and risk the health of your family members. Instead, do the tips we’ve mentioned above consistently. You'll worry less about those tiny particles and focus more on how your family can keep living a healthier lifestyle.