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1m read

How To Take Care Of Your Clothes


Although one of the basic necessities, you’d still be surprised how Filipinos spend about billions of Philippine pesos on clothing. As of the late, the retail industry constantly shifts to old and new fashion trends. This means that what’s old can also be part of the new again. Your mom’s old jeans or jacket can still be used. It will only come down to whether it’s still wearable or not.



Clothes can have long life spans. This, however, would depend on whether it was preserved well. Surely, buying a washing machine from a well-trusted brand, and learning about proper fabric care like the following can prove to be useful:



Don’t overwash





Yes, there is such a thing as over-washing clothes. It’s not recommended to drop your garments in the laundry bin after every use. Constant washing causes wear and tears in fabrics and often results in clothes fading or shrinking, which leads to getting discarded. Of course, there are always exemptions. Should you have one of the best washing machine brands like Beko, it can help you take care of your clothes properly with its SteamCure and Xpress Super Short features and more. 



Fold or hang properly





Depending on the size or design of your closet, you have an option of whether to fold or hang them. Should you decide to do the former, avoid cramming everything in. Leave some space to prevent further wrinkles and creases on your clothing. If you opt for hanging your garbs, then invest in some good wooden hangers and make sure they fit well. This helps avoid the hanger marks on your favorite shirt.



Understand the tags





Have you noticed the tiny label inside your clothes? It’s there for a reason. The label includes the necessary information on how to take care of your clothing. Understanding the symbols can help you in how to properly wash, iron, and dry your clothing items. 



Avoid dry cleaning



It’s a known fact that delicate garments may require dry-cleaning. Despite this helpful process, however, it can also be bad on the fabric due to the chemicals used. Thankfully, with today’s technology and innovation, it’s possible to wash these items with a modern washing machine at home. This type of washing machine is good for your home as it can help minimize your expenses. Just remember to be alert and avoid any vigorous or rough cycles to keep your clothes in tip-top shape.

Not all clothes are meant to last you a lifetime. Not everything can be handed down for the younger ones to use. Still, being a bit more attentive to fabric care can help you get your money’s worth on the clothes you buy for you and your family.