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Safer Ways to Celebrate “New Normal” Holidays
Safer Ways to Celebrate “New Normal” Holidays

1m read

Safer Ways to Celebrate “New Normal” Holidays

Safer Ways to Celebrate “New Normal” Holidays
Safer Ways to Celebrate “New Normal” Holidays

We’re almost a year into living precariously with the pandemic, and it looks like this norm is here to stay until the holidays. Now that talks on holiday plans have begun, the big question is: How do we do this safely? After all, keeping the family well by living a healthy lifestyle is still the best gift to have this Christmas.



Family gatherings can still be possible, with a little creativity. Below are some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas together.


Throw a digital party with extended family



If dates to graduations can be celebrated through video calls, the holidays can be, too. It doesn’t have to be boring though—you can download festive filters, play online multiplayer games (consider party classics like Pinoy Henyo) or throw a virtual karaoke party, complete with the cheesy backdrops. 



You can also spend quality time with your family by still prepping holiday meals together. Ask your tito or tita to set up a virtual call and let them help you cook your favorite family recipes along with you virtually. That way, the kitchen will feel almost like the normal Christmas hustle and bustle.


Send each other holiday care packages



Another way for loved ones to make their presence felt this holiday season is by sending over care packages. Take advantage of online secret santa generators for virtual draw slots and let the presents come to your door on Christmas Eve.



For less tech savvy relatives like, say, your grandparents, sending over a frozen batch of their legendary fruit salad can be an alternative to an online cooking session. Distanced or not, you can’t skip out on a noche buena essential, after all.


Organize a socially distanced family picnic



If meeting in person is important to your family, a gathering would be safer in an open space. Consider a Christmas picnic, where each household has their own picnic spread in a large, outdoor space to minimize prolonged contact. Socially distanced activities like relay games and family talent shows would be best for your program.



After the party, make sure to sanitize your hands and throw your clothes and reusable masks into the wash right away. If you want to upgrade your laundry equipment for the holidays, don’t forget to buy a washing machine that can handle heavy duty cleaning.



All of these activities are made easier with your trusty home appliances. Even though the holidays are long (as Filipino holidays tend to go), Beko’s energy-saving features will keep your bills light on the wallet—now all you need to do is enjoy the company of your loved ones to the fullest.