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Laundry Donts For The Rainy Season
Laundry Donts For The Rainy Season

2m read

Laundry Don'ts For The Rainy Season


As the Philippines enters the monsoon season, it has become trickier to do laundry. Without an ample amount of sun, drying clothes is now another challenge every mom and dad face. While  buying a brand new washing machine might help, without proper handling of laundry, clothes could still end up damp and smelly. So here are some things you shouldn’t do for laundry day during this season:



Don’t #1: Wash with a dirty washing machine





It defeats the purpose of getting your clothes laundered. While washing machines are used to clean clothes, it’s necessary for you to maintain it too. Do so by running an empty wash cycle every now and then. As dirt, mildew, and mold can easily build up in moist environments like your washing machine, it’s best to wipe its insides with a clean cloth afterward.



Don’t #2: Put wet clothes straight to the dryer





There’s a saying that goes, “A little help, goes a long way”. There’s truth in this. Although dryers are meant for drying your clothes, squeezing out excess water can help do the job quicker.



Don’t #3: Leave clothes damp





The dryer is your best friend during this time of the year. Since drying your clothes under the sun is barely an option, this is the time to use it as often as you can. Avoid that kulob smell by getting rid of dampness fully. You can get it done through an efficient dryer feature on your washing machine or your freestanding washer dryers.



Don’t #4: Leave clothes in the dryer for too long





When you leave your clothes there, chances are you’ll be spending some time getting those creases out. So, as soon as it’s dry and done, fold your laundry. You can even ask for help from your little ones and make it into family time.



Don’t #5: Postpone putting clothes away





As soon as possible, put them in your closet. Leaving them out in a basket or on the laundry table allows dust and other specks of dirt to accumulate. Besides, you wouldn’t want to wonder if your clothes are still clean or not, right?



One of the heaviest tasks a homemaker does is laundry, more so if it’s for a big family. While some opt to do it themselves, you can also make this a learning opportunity for your kids. Doing the laundry may be quite a chore, with these tips, you can handle it even on any rainy day.




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