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2m read

Things To Avoid When Doing The Laundry During A Rainy Day

buy-washing-machine-for-a-rainy day

One can immediately say the rainy season of the Philippines has started with storm after storm entering its area of responsibility. At this time, homemakers are now switching up their efforts to do laundry efficiently.



Laundry is a challenging task, more so on a rainy day. Thankfully, buying a washing machine with the right features makes it easier. And if done properly, you can avoid the tough kulob smell and the hassle of needing to rewash. 



Read more on what you can do to help make this housework lighter: 





Avoid doing laundry in big batches



Now that homemakers are showered with the constant rain, it’s harder to dry the laundry but not impossible. Do laundry more frequently and in smaller batches so you can minimize the time clothes in the hamper. Moisture and humidity levels are higher when it’s raining. Thus, your and your family’s soiled garments will serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, causing clothes to get smelly.



Don’t put in too much detergent



The more, the merrier doesn’t apply to everything. This includes laundry detergent. Instead of going with your gut feel, follow the instructions of your preferred brand of soap. Today’s technology has made it possible for manufacturers to modify their products for efficiency. These guidelines are made for the best result.





Don’t forget the breathing space



Putting enough space in between wet garments can help circulate air, which helps in drying clothes. Sunlight exposure is definitely out of the question during the rainy season. With that in mind, all homemakers are advised to use other helpful appliances. It can be a fan or an AC. Aside from this, a trusted washer dryer can lessen the time it needs to be completely dry.


Laundry isn’t all that bad of a chore, especially with the right strategy. As long as you follow the tips above, you’ll have an easier time washing your clothes on a rainy day.