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1m read

Top Ten Most Hydrating Foods

family teaching their kids to prepare healthy foods

As some Philippine cities’ heat index climb up to 43 degrees, experts have advised people to stay hydrated. Exposure to this sweltering condition poses serious health risks to the body such as exhaustion and heatstroke. 


While water is essential for the body, especially for active kids, it’s not the only thing that can keep the body hydrated. There are also foods loaded with water. Although it’s not as good as H2O itself, fill your best-priced refrigerator with these foods to help fulfill your body’s needed water intake:





With a water content of about 96.73%, cucumbers are one of the most hydrating vegetables. It also contains nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It’s a good addition to salads and can even be eaten raw.


Iceberg lettuce



Iceberg lettuces are the most common ingredients in salads and for a good reason. This pale vegetable has high water content and several nourishing vitamins and minerals. It’s a good addition to any meal too!





Filled with fiber, celery makes a good healthy snack. For those who are keen on boosting their water intake with food, this has about 95% water content.





Aside from being a good source of lycopene, tomatoes are actually rich in water. This fruit is packed with fiber and vitamins, making it a great addition to your everyday meals. 


Romaine lettuce



Not to be confused with an iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce also has a good amount of water content. It’s also a good source of nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. A typical salad with romaine lettuce has protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and iron among others.





This tasty fruit is an awesome snack for kids this summer. It’s refreshing and sweet, making it a staple food for the hot weather. In addition to this, its water content is about 91.45%.





It’s no wonder that whenever the cartoon Popeye The Sailorman ate spinach, he’d grow strong. While it does have some exaggerations to it, spinach is a nutritious vegetable packed with a generous amount of H2O.





The most popular of all berries, strawberry is actually one of the most famous flavors for anything. Still, nothing beats the real thing. This fruit can serve as refreshing munchies and can benefit your body with its nutritious and hydrating content.





Bananas are amazing snacks, especially after working out. It’s a fruit rich in potassium, which can aid the body in preventing symptoms of dehydration. Also, it has a good amount of water content.





Not to be confused with honeydew melon, cantaloupe may be similar to it but it has its own noteworthy and refreshing qualities. Both have the same water content, however, cantaloupe has a higher amount of vitamins. This sweet fruit will definitely be enjoyed by your family after meals.


The summer heat isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s important to always ensure that your family drinks enough water to keep them from feeling parched and dehydrated. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the foods above, which are all nutritious and good for the body.