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2m read

Why Beko's HarvestFresh Technology Is A Healthy Lifestyle Essential


During your family’s quest in living a healthy lifestyle, nutrition is one of the top priorities a household keeper needs to mind. Of course, the natural first step would be to focus on your family’s intake of healthy diet plans, but don’t forget: There is also the matter of keeping your ingredients optimal. A healthy dish starts with a top-shelf set of fruits and veggies, after all. Fresh produce ensures that your family will consume the maximum amount of vitamins and flavor to reap the best benefits. 



There’s more you can do other than just shopping fresh. With the hustle and bustle of maintaining a household, you can’t always have the time to shop early, right? Because we are committed to being your partner in establishing healthy habits for life, we’ve equipped our appliances with features that keep your ingredients maxed out in terms of nutrition. This is where Beko’s HarvestFresh technology steps in to help you out.





The HarvestFresh technology that comes with our best selection of refrigerators utilizes a 3-color light system to mimic the sun’s 24-hour cycle. In the first four hours of the dawn, the light of our HarvestFresh refrigerators’ crisper will turn blue to simulate daybreak. In the middle of the day, the light will glow green. An additional six hours after that, the light will turn red to copy the light of dusk. During the night, the light turns off for 12 hours.





Why is this important, you ask? It’s because your produce will experience a simulation of natural, outdoor growth. This type of environment helps preserve vitamins like A and C, keeping important nutritious elements intact for your family to consume round the clock from day to night. Our refrigerators are also equipped with energy-saving features to alleviate your electricity bills and also consume less energy for the environment. It’s an essential item that works for everyone.



So if your approach to healthy family living starts with nutritious, vitamin-packed food on the daily, Beko’s HarvestFresh technology will be a helpful tool in your arsenal. With fresh and crisp fruits and veggies, you and your family are bound to enjoy your new, healthy dishes.