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Awesome Gift Ideas For Every Member Of The Family

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s time to do some Christmas gift shopping if you haven’t already. On paper, it may seem challenging to choose gifts your loved ones will like. But if you know their interests, perhaps you’ll get a hint on what they want. 


Still unsure what to buy? Beko’s products might provide something your loved ones will appreciate. Read our guide below.


For mom

Part of a mother’s traditional duties is to cook and clean for the family. Based on this, buying her a good refrigerator online might be an excellent place to start. A fridge or freezer helps her keep food and ingredients from going bad. You may also give her a high-quality freestanding cooker to prepare great meals using the best appliances.


Beko offers washing machines and dryers equipped with SteamCure Hygiene+ technology to make wrinkle and stain removal easier. It also helps kill odor-causing bacteria, ensuring laundry is a breeze. Buy a washing machine like this for your mom so she can do laundry quickly and with ease. With this chore being less time-consuming, she’d have more free time for her leisure.


For dad

While most of Beko’s appliances cater to a mother’s traditional role in the family, it doesn’t mean your dad won’t appreciate them as well. They will still reap the benefits of having a good refrigerator or even having a good cooker if they dabble in it. Such gifts can appeal to them depending on their inclination to cook or do their laundry. And in 2021, the traditional roles should no longer matter. You don’t need to worry about your dad finding cooking or cleaning appliances too “feminine.”


One thing he’ll appreciate as well is if you get him energy-saving appliances. By doing this, you can help in lessening the monthly electricity bill. The appliance may seem pricey from the get-go, but the savings will benefit your family’s expenses long-term.


For the kids

Now, we’re not saying that you should buy an oven online for your kids to use directly. Instead, buying it as a way to bond with them might earn you some brownie points. Teach them how to bake and make these lessons your quality time together. Have them prepare the ingredients and do safe procedures like mixing ingredients. You can handle the more dangerous steps like slicing ingredients and preparing the oven. You’ll be able to create lots of yummy desserts together and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time.


To make sure the desserts you create are up to par, go for a Beko oven with Steam Solutions! Through this technology, no doubt that the pastries you and your kids will be making will be fluffier and more delicious.


Giving appliances might seem like such a strange type of present, but in today’s age where convenience is highly sought-after, it might just be the perfect gift to give. So what are you waiting for? Look through our inventory and find the best appliance for them!


And if you want to save up on the appliances you’ll be giving, get a 50% voucher code when you participate in our Beko Sends Love campaign. You might even win great appliances worth over P1 million! Click here to learn about the mechanics.