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Effects of Excessive Heat On The Body
Effects of Excessive Heat On The Body

1m read

Effects of Excessive Heat On The Body
Effects of Excessive Heat On The Body

Effects of Excessive Heat On The Body


With the sun in full force this summer, no doubt that you’ll be more exposed to the season’s blazing heat. While a little bit of Vitamin D is necessary for your health, too much of it can be detrimental to your body. That’s why it’s often encouraged to buy a refrigerator and an air conditioner to help combat the sweltering heat.


For you to take precautions this season, it’s best to know the effects of excessive heat on your body.




This is the most common effect of heat on your body, but especially under such intensity. The reason the body sweats is to cool down amid high temperatures. While this usually is not a huge deal, it may cause discomfort at the very least or even dehydration at the very worst.




As mentioned above, too much sweating can lead to dehydration. As you let out excess sweat, you’re also losing essential minerals from your body. This can cause you to feel dizzy and even lead to fainting. 


Remember to have enough water with you to keep enough fluids in and quench your thirst.


Skin issues


Various skin issues can happen under too much heat, such as rashes, sunburn, and skin cancer. Rashes are often caused by excessive sweating that inhibits pores from functioning due to blocked sweat glands. Sunburns are caused by long exposure to the sun and can lead to skin cancer if unchecked. Buy cool clothing and use sunscreen to protect your skin.


Heart issues


Intense heat can cause a faster heartbeat in an attempt to pump more blood. The heart does this to release excess heat from one’s body. Couple that with sweating, and you might develop low blood pressure as you lose minerals from your body. Both conditions can make you lethargic and light-headed, which can cause you to faint.


Heat-related conditions


Apart from the instances mentioned above, there are other heat-related conditions that you need to look out for. These include heat exhaustion and heatstroke, which happens when the body is not able to offer respite through cooling itself. Getting a heatstroke in particular is the worst situation in such cases, with symptoms including higher body temperature, confusion, and headaches. Allow such conditions to progress any further can lead to loss of life in the most extreme situations. 


You should get yourself checked immediately at the first sign that you’re experiencing these conditions. Quick action could make the difference between life and death.


Even with how hot the summers can be, you can still enjoy the season so long as you practice precaution and take note of the adverse effects mentioned above. And of course, as recommended, it’s better to buy appliances that help you cool down. 


A refrigerator can help chill your drinks so you can consume them to beat the heat, while an air conditioner can keep your surroundings cool. Get both at Beko Philippines and enjoy high-quality appliances at your home!