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How Judy Ann Keeps the Holiday Season Healthy for Her Family
How Judy Ann Keeps the Holiday Season Healthy for Her Family

1m read

How Judy Ann Keeps the Holiday Season Healthy for Her Family
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How Judy Ann Keeps the Holiday Season Healthy for Her Family


How to keep healthy during the holiday season? Do it the Judy Ann way! As a pro and mother who prioritizes living a healthy lifestyle with her family, she relies on her Beko appliances. 


To be a pro like Judy Ann, buy a Beko refrigerator, cooker, and air fryer. Beko is designed to make healthy living easier.


Beko appliances for a healthy holiday season


During the holiday season, many people end up indulging in unhealthy diets. They eat more frequently than usual due to several parties, and the abundance of food available includes greasy and fatty dishes, capped off by plenty of sweets. 


To keep her family healthy, Judy Ann uses Beko appliances in her kitchen, ensuring that they eat delicious, healthy food at home that satisfies their palate and stomach. This eliminates the urge to overstuff themselves with party food or too many sweet treats outside.


Refrigerator with HarvestFresh technology


With HarvestFresh, fruits and vegetables stay fresh in the fridge for longer, so she always uses fresh and vitamin-packed ingredients for her dishes. And because there’s always fresh produce readily available, she can quickly whip up something healthy for everyone to enjoy at any time.


Cooker with Steamaid


Judy Ann also uses a Beko cooker with Steamaid for perfect baking results. With pastries that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, everyone enjoys healthier, delicious snacks and desserts. 


Sounds good? It’s time to get your Beko refrigerator and cooker now!


Air fryer with Oil Measurement Spoon


Apart from using a Beko refrigerator and cooker, you can also have a Beko air fryer to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your family. It comes with an oil measurement spoon so you can use the exact amount of oil needed to cook a dish instead of the food absorbing too much oil while immersed in it. This way, you and your family can eat your favorite dishes without excessive oil.


Upgrade your appliances and get a chance to win


Upgrade to Beko appliances and be a pro like Judy Ann. When you buy your Beko appliances this season, you don’t only provide healthier meals for your family. You also get a chance to win in the Beko Sends Love promo


Every single-receipt purchase of at least Php10,000 earns you a raffle entry. You could be one of the winners of free fuel cards worth Php5,000 or a family vacation package. 

Have a healthy holiday season with your family, just like Judy Ann. Buy your refrigerator, cooker, and other Beko appliances now!