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2m read

How to Eat Healthy During Quarantine
mom teaching kids how to bake
mom teaching kids to bake

With the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in place, people are asked to stay at home and go out only when needed to. Left with only a few take out options, most have resolved to eating and cooking at home.

If you’re having difficulties in preparing a meal, there are a couple of simple yet nutritious dishes you can try with fresh ingredients you can grab at the groceries. As long as you know what to buy and how to store it, you won’t have to worry about your food stock. (Also, buying an efficient refrigerator would be helpful in this case!)

A true Filipino home would not be complete without its staple energy food - rice. Although a rice meal is definitely favored in most Filipino households, pasta, bread, and noodles are also a good source of carbohydrates and fiber. Grains are easy to store and easy to cook, making it a must-have during a quarantine.

Vegetables and fruits


When it comes to health, fresh vegetables and fruits are on top, however, won’t last long on storage. As you can’t go out as much as you want, there are several delivery services you can avail. Just keep in mind that this option can cost you more but can ensure the freshness of your ingredients.

Frozen goods


While fresh ingredients is what you should always go for, it’s not advisable to always go out due to the pandemic. For this reason, frozen goods are your best option. Just make sure to monitor your frozen food intake and aim for ones with less sodium, whether it’s beef, pork, chicken, fish, or other seafoods. In addition, The World Health Organization suggests freezing any leftovers for another meal not only to avoid food waste but also to retain the similar nutrient profile of fresh foods.



For snacks, skimp out of junk food like chips, sweets, and sodas. Even though being at home all day can cause you to eat emotionally, choose crackers, protein bars, cookies, and the like to satiate your hunger.

While not everyone is a cook, this is by no means a reason to eat unhealthy meals and to settle on canned goods filled with preservatives. Not only does a healthy meal help you keep fit, it can boost and strengthen your immune system against diseases too.