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How To Make Sure Your Refrigerator Lasts A Long Time
How To Make Sure Your Refrigerator Lasts A Long Time

1m read

How To Make Sure Your Refrigerator Lasts A Long Time

Buying a fridge and freezer means you want to invest in an appliance built to last a long time. Especially with Beko’s HarvestFresh refrigerators, you get a product you can use for years to come. 

But even with this, there are things you can do to prolong the life of your appliance even further. To make sure your Beko refrigerator lasts a long time, here are some things you must do.


Keep key parts clean

It’s important to keep parts of the refrigerator clean. Built-up dust and dirt can prevent your appliance from functioning properly. The condenser coils need vacuuming every six months. The door gaskets need cleaning to seal your fridge and keep air from escaping. Otherwise, the compressor will exert more effort to keep the air inside.


Be strategic in placing items inside

It’s recommended that you fill your refrigerator with enough items to have less air to cool, reducing the effort it needs to exert. Note that this doesn’t mean you should fill every corner to the brim, as the refrigerator still needs good airflow to work efficiently. If you cram the appliance too much, you might be blocking the vents keeping a consistent airflow. Avoid filling the top part of the fridge with items to let it dissipate heat efficiently.


Avoid placing it near heat

Your refrigerator's placement is also an important part of ensuring your fridge doesn’t break down. Don’t place it near any source of warmth, such as ovens, stoves, or sunlight. The heat from these things will cause the compressor to overwork and malfunction faster.


Be vigilant in case of any changes

Even if you’ve been following the tips mentioned, your appliance can still break down due to unforeseen circumstances. You have to be on the lookout for signs to have it checked and repaired by an expert. That way, you can enjoy your refrigerator for several years before it needs replacing.


Treat your kitchen appliances with care. Get your money’s worth and maximize your investment with your refrigerator by doing regular maintenance and being mindful of usage.