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New Year's Resolutions To Apply For Your Appliance Use
New Years Resolutions To Apply For Your Appliance Use
New Year's Resolutions To Apply For Your Appliance Use

This new year, let go of your old habits when buying or using appliances. Whether in what appliances you purchase or how you use them every day, making better decisions can significantly affect your quality of life. Here at Beko, we’ll help you lay out all the resolutions you need to make for your appliance use.


Get value for your money by investing in a good product


With our need to save money to have funds in-store, we tend not to invest in anything. It’s time to change that this 2022!


While we’re not saying you should spend carelessly, we do encourage you to invest in quality appliances that are worth the value for your money. Whether you’re buying a washing machine or buying a refrigerator, it has to be worth it.


If you’re searching for great appliances, you can get them at Beko Philippines! From cookers to refrigerators to washing machines, our products are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure your household duties are a breeze to fulfill.


Don’t impulse buy appliances


As mentioned above, we don’t encourage careless spending, including impulse buying appliances. If you think you need that portable vacuum cleaner or air fryer, think again! It might just be something you’d want to buy in the heat of the moment but won’t ever get to use for the long term. Carefully assess if you need it first. It also helps if you check out similar products, prices, and features instead of buying the first one you find. If you’ve done the proper research and decide that you need it, only then should you buy it. Don’t purchase appliances on a whim.


Be responsible in your appliance use


Once you’ve bought the appliances and taken them to your home, you have to be responsible for their use. For one, it’s recommended that you check if they’re working properly at all times. While most people only have their appliances repaired when there’s a visible issue, it would be best if you regularly check so you can do preemptive maintenance. 


Aside from that, you can help in reducing energy consumption in something as simple as unplugging when not in use to avoid phantom energy. If you buy the right energy-saving appliances, you can significantly lighten the load of your electricity bill.


And there you have it! Follow these simple resolutions whenever you’re shopping for or actively using your appliances. It may not seem like much at first, but by doing so, you’re making the best decisions to improve not only your quality of life but everyone else’s in your household.