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Smart Ways To Organize Your Kids Closet
Smart Ways To Organize Your Kids Closet

1m read

Smart Ways To Organize Your Kid's Closet

Smart ways to organize your kids closet

When it comes to teaching kids about responsibility, it’s always good to start while they’re young. Assigning chores, for instance, is a start. After all, chores are a part of promoting a healthy lifestyle as it helps kids practice clean and healthy habits. It can also help give children a sense of duty and confidence.



If you’re wondering how you can do so, your kid’s closet is a good start. Aside from a learning opportunity for your kids, it will make getting ready easier for you. Here’s what you can do:



Make it accessible





Let your kids help you maintain their closet. You can do so by organizing it in a way they themselves can handle. While there may be some clothing you may want to hang, put some of their pambahay garments within reach. You may also include their socks, underwear, and even shoes. 



Arrange by color





You make choosing clothes faster and easier when you arrange the closet according to color. This will help spot the clothes on your kid’s mind. It also gives them a chance to pick what they want to wear. Although it may be hard to give up the sense of control as parents, this allows children the chance to choose based on their preference and to express themselves. 



Provide a laundry hamper





Leaving clothes all over the floor and everywhere else isn’t something you’d want your kids to be accustomed to. Aside from it’s unhygienic, it’s a habit that they can bring along even when they’ve grown. So while young, enforce the proper use of laundry hampers.



Have hooks





Install hooks with cute designs or letterings. You can even have it customized according to your kid’s liking. These hooks can serve as a place to hang school bags, hats, and even school IDs. It’s a good and easy way to teach your children how to be responsible for their things. Plus, it leaves your floor clutter-free and lessens the use of phrases like, “Mom, I can’t find my…”.


Parenting is filled with lots of learning, not just for the kids but for the adults as well. By following the tips above, you may teach your children a thing or two about the ways they can have a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, you can also minimize the mess and clutter at home.