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Spend More Time with Loved Ones despite Busy Holiday Preparations
Spend More Time with Loved Ones despite Busy Holiday Preparations

1m read


Spend More Time with Loved Ones despite Busy Holiday Preparations


The holidays are a time of joy with family and friends. But they can also be stressful as you rush to get everything done. If you’re like most people, you don’t have much time to spare. So how can you make the most of your time?

Beko helps you save time

One way is to use appliances that can help you save time. For instance, buy a refrigerator that will preserve your fresh produce for longer, so you don’t need to keep running to the supermarket to buy them. 


Beko has the HarvestFresh and EverFresh+ technology, which keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for 30 days while preserving their vitamins. With a Beko refrigerator, fresh and healthy ingredients are readily available. 


You can also buy a washing machine that can do express washing in just 14 minutes, so you can squeeze in some laundry and still have time to wrap gifts. The Xpress Super Short 14 Min Programme of a Beko washing machine makes this possible. 


Cook meals faster with a Beko freestanding cooker. With its high-efficiency gas burner, you can cook and serve dishes more quickly, allowing you to sit down and catch up with everyone instead of getting stuck for a long time in the kitchen. 


Have ample time for coffee and catching up when you’ve got a dishwasher that cleans everything fast. The Fast+ function of a Beko dishwasher can speed up the washing cycle three times faster, giving you time for other things that matter to you. 


Take advantage of these time-saving appliances and spend more time relaxing and being with your loved ones this holiday season! 

Beko Sends Love

While you’re at it, you might as well take advantage of the Beko Sends Love promo while it runs for the whole fourth quarter of the year. You can get the chance to win free fuel cards and family vacation packages. Earn 1–3 raffle entries when you buy Beko products with a single-receipt total of at least Php10,000. 

With Beko time-saving appliances, you won’t only spend more time with loved ones, but you’ll also get the chance to win in the Beko Sends Love promo. Buy your Beko refrigerator, washing machine, and other Beko appliances today!