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The Perfect Washing Machine for Busy People
The Perfect Washing Machine for Busy People

1m read


The Perfect Washing Machine for Busy People


If you are always on the go and don't have much time to spare, you need a washing machine to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Buy a washing machine suitable for busy people—one that is easy to use and can get the job done quickly.


No need to pre-treat stains


Beko washing machines spotlessly clean your clothes with its StainExpert program, specially designed to eliminate 24 kinds of stains. This feature lets you skip the step where you pre-treat stains, saving you precious time. 


Some of their washing machines also have SteamCure technology, which loosens up the grime and dirt using steam, making stain removal easier. The SteamCure technology also makes your clothes 99.9% allergen-free. This means cleaner and safer clothes for the entire family, especially children and anyone with allergies. 


With StainExpert and SteamCure features working to rid your clothes of stains, you can save time and effort and allocate these resources to other, more urgent matters.


Clean laundry in 14 minutes


Wash two kilograms of laundry in 14 minutes. This is perfect for clothes that need a quick wash. 


Get your garments prepped and ready with Beko’s Xpress Super Short 14 Min program. This unique technology allows you to squeeze in some laundry time despite a busy schedule. 


Moreover, you can select the Daily Xpress program, which does full-capacity cleaning in 28 minutes. Beko washing machines also have a Fast+ feature, which does up to 55% faster cleaning.


No more hand-washing


If you have woolen clothes or anything with delicate fabrics, there’s always this worry that it can get ruined when not handled properly. Some may even opt to do handwashing for fear of damaging them. But for those who have full schedules, avoiding them can be a sad but necessary option. 


With Beko’s Woolmark Apparel Care program, wear your favorite woolens and wash them in your washing machine worry-free. This amazon Beko feature regulates drum movements, ensuring your delicate clothes do not get misshapen or damaged.


Skip the ironing


Ironing is time-consuming, not to mention tedious. With Beko, skip this chore altogether. Apart from the other innovative technology mentioned, it also has an AntiCrease feature, providing you with wrinkle-free laundry. 


Given your busy lifestyle, you need a washing machine that lets you spend less time on it and more on things you’d rather attend to. 

Get a tried and tested brand that can help make every day easier. Buy an automatic washing machine from Beko!