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3m read

Beko Pilipinas Lends A Hand To Efforts For Frontliners, Communities
beko we heal as one

The global pandemic COVID-19 has claimed hundreds of lives in the Philippines and more so globally. It has held the economy at a standstill with people losing their sources of livelihood or uncertain about their fates. Every day, our frontliners work in hospitals, medical facilities and local municipalities; and even outside the roof to make sure the safety and well being of the community, risking their own lives on the line to serve others. 


In tough times like this, it's important that those who can help shall extend their hands. This is true in the case of Beko, the Philippine subsidiary of Europe’s No. 1 home appliances brand. Showing its gratitude for today’s unsung heroes, Beko Pilipinas is teaming up with local municipalities of Pasig, San Juan and Manila; the hardest-hit hospitals like Philippine General Hospital, San Juan De Dios Medical Center, Quirino Memorial Medical Center, and Delos Santos Medical Center; together with actress Angel Locsin’s #UniTentWeStand campaign for San Lazaro Hospital in Manila and recently to the converted mega quarantine facilities in Philippine International Convention Center, Rizal Memorial Stadium and Philippine Arena by donating energy-saving appliances like its innovative washing machines, freestanding cookers and refrigerators for use during the COVID-19 crisis.




The frontliners are facing one of the world’s toughest battles and they do too, deserve support to carry out an important duty. They do need to feel protected from the harmful viruses and bacteria. And they do need to be refreshed and energized with healthy meals and to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. That is why Beko shares its innovative technologies with our today’s heroes.




With Hygiene+ wash program technology, frontliners will get hygienically clean laundry because of its custom drum movements, additional rinse and spin cycles and sensitive temperature control, especially at 60degrees cycle as approved by Allergy UK, eliminates 99% of allergens. Meanwhile, EverFresh+® technology in the fridge ensures ideal humidity & temperature to keep fruit and vegetables crisp and fresh up to 3 times longer or even up to 30 days. This will help our frontliners stay healthy and keep their meals, fruits and vegetables, fresh any time they most need. More than just a function to cook food efficiently, Beko’s CookMaster® capacity means it can cook loads of food in one go, especially during this situation when time is of the essence where people need a reliable cooker in preparing food for big groups of frontliners fighting the pandemic. 


Helping LGUs and the private sectors is consistent with Beko’s brand purpose to “empower new generations to live healthier”. Frontliners are our today’s heroes and we are happy to provide refrigerators, cookers and washing machines to make the place where they are resting more convenient and homey. We are also looking at ways to continue extending our support during the war against COVID-19,” said Gürhan Günal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation.


In addition, Beko Pilipinas is also working with #RockEd Relief (@RockEdPhilippines) and #FrontlineFeedersPH (@FrontlineFeedersPH) groups that help and support the medical workers in mobilizing, allocating and providing food delivery to hospitals and ensuring the right number of people are fed at the right time.


Beko’s humble contribution to the effort in taking care of frontliners in the Philippines is its way of giving back to them because they are out there risking their lives every day. These are but small donations compared to what they are doing.