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1m read

Beko pledges support to the ‘Best Team

in the World’

Beko pledge

Manila, Philippines — Beko, Europe’s leading domestic appliance brand, recently launched an initiative to support healthcare professionals on the frontline during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The brand has made a pledge to support these medical workers and the ‘Best Team in the World’ via the donation of products in over 20 countries.


Beko initiated the ‘Best Team in the World’ project in direct response to the requirement for hygiene, nutrition and refreshment resources for global healthcare workers. To date, Beko has donated white goods and small household appliances to over 420 hospitals in Turkey, Romania, France, Spain, Poland, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Philippines, Ukraine, UK, Czech Republic, Ghana, Thailand, Nigeria, Angola, Germany, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Beko will endeavour to continue to support those most in need with more product donations in the near future.


Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Beko said: "These donations will support the global team of dedicated medical and service professionals as they work tirelessly on the frontline to battle against this pandemic, which is one of the most significant threats we have had to confront in modern day society. We want to recognise their selfless commitment and pass on our heartfelt gratitude for everything that they do. These donations are just a small token of our appreciation.”


In the Philippines, Beko Pilipinas partnered with local municipalities of Pasig, San Juan and Manila; the hardest-hit hospitals like Philippine General Hospital,San Juan De Dios Medical Center, Quirino Memorial Medical Center, and Delos Santos Medical Center; together with actress Angel Locsin’s #UniTentWeStand campaign for San Lazaro Hospital in Manila and recently to the converted mega quarantine facilities in Philippine International Convention Center, Rizal Memorial Stadium and Philippine Arena by donating its innovative washing machines, freestanding cookers and refrigerators for use during the COVID-19 crisis.


This initiative provides our today’s heroes innovative technologies that offers additional  comfort and promotes well being in this time of distress.


The campaign is brought to life in a film which pays homage to the people around the world who are risking their own lives every day to save others during the pandemic.  You may watch their story at

Stay safe with Beko. #StayHome #LikeAPro