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How to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look Big
How to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look Big

2m read

How to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look Big
How to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look Big

A small kitchen can feel intimate and cozy when it’s just the two of you, but add a little one into the equation and it can quickly become cramped. So, how do you use the space in a small kitchen to its full advantage? 


With thoughtful planning and some smart kitchen design solutions, you can make your small kitchen feel much bigger. Read on for our favorite small kitchen design ideas for creating more space. 


Use low contrast colors

Keep everything in the same color palette, with minimal contrast. A light color scheme or totally white walls are most effective at creating the illusion of space. You may also want to consider using paint that can be easily wiped clean – sticky little hands have a habit of finding white walls. 

2. Choose items with a ‘small footprint’ 

Small kitchens don’t automatically exclude you from spending quality time eating and relaxing in the space. Simply select slim chairs, petite kitchen islands, and narrow tables and stools that don’t take up the whole space. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you might want to check your options of shallower kitchen cabinets as well. 

3. Incorporate open shelving

Open shelves have less visual weight and create the illusion of more space. If the minimal ‘Instagram ready’ shelving look just isn’t compatible with your lifestyle, use light colored or wicker storage boxes. They hide a multitude of things while keeping your kitchen looking clean and stylish. Check out our post on how to design a small kitchen for more ideas. 

4. Choose drawers over doors

When you’re working with limited space, you need sleek, effective solutions. In some places, drawers might work better than cupboards. You can then pack in everything from your kids’ toys, to your work from the night before. Drawers also give easier access to items than cupboards and, when you’re smart with the space, you can see everything you need in a bird’s eye view. 

5. Glossy Surfaces

In much the same way that mirrors give the illusion of space, so do glossy surfaces. Choose laminate cupboard doors or drawers, or stainless steel appliances that reflect light. This will make your kitchen appear bigger while being easy to clean. An overall win-win! 

6. Go for sleek yet small appliances


You don’t have to sacrifice that coffee machine you’ve always longed for. You can have it all. Just choose smaller appliances that fit with your space better. There are many sleek yet small appliances that allow people with small kitchens to have the same luxuries as those with more space. In addition to slimmer appliances, you can go for ones that are smaller on the outside but have the same dimensions on the inside.