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Tips to Create a Brighter Kitchen
Tips to Create a Brighter Kitchen

3m read

Tips to Create a Brighter Kitchen
Tips to Create a Brighter Kitchen

We’re firm believers that creativity happens in the kitchen, whether you're cooking an evening meal or contemplating the day over your morning coffee. Kitchens should be a place where we love spending time in. They’re often the first room we step into after we wake up, so they should give us the energy to face the day ahead. Here are our top tips to uplift your surroundings and create a brighter, more inspiring kitchen space. 

Make the best use of natural light

If you’re thinking about beginning a kitchen remodel project, creating a layout that makes the most of available natural light is a great way to make your kitchen feel bigger  and brighter. For example, think about positioning the areas of the kitchen that you use most – such as food preparation areas, or the sink – alongside windows to keep these areas bright. When it comes to window dressings, switch out heavy Roman blinds or curtains with lighter colored fabrics, or roller-blinds that expose the whole window and let in as much light as possible.


If using natural light is out of the question, some clever ambient lighting, recessed lighting and accent lighting are all suitable alternatives. Do your research on how to best use these different kinds of light fixtures or request the help of a professional for the perfect result. For a more stylish look, you can make use of pendant lights on their own or in addition to these other forms for a brighter kitchen.  

Think minimalist

To create a kitchen that feels lighter and brighter, decluttering your space is an important first step. Be ruthless and throw out any surplus crockery, utensils and appliances that you never use anymore. For example, are you keeping gadgets you received as gifts years ago that you’ve never used? Do you have your kids’ old cutlery and tableware taking up cupboard space, which haven’t been used in years now that they’re teenagers? 


As well as utensils and appliances, take a look at your pantry foods: we’re sure that most of us have out of date cans of fruit salad or baked beans lurking in the depths of our cupboards, so do away with all of those and feel your kitchen space expand. Check out our post on minimalist kitchen design ideas  for more inspiration. 

Give your walls a lick of paint

Painting your kitchen walls different shades of white, yellow or other natural hues is a simple way to make a big difference. Whites and yellows will reflect the light, making any dark room appear larger and brighter. 


If pure white is a little too hospital-waiting-room-bright for your tastes, there are many shades of off-white to choose from. For a slightly grey-tinge that doesn’t absorb the light, opt for a shade like white smoke. Ivory is perfect for those who prefer a slight tinge of yellow. Or for more pinkish undertones, choose Seashell or Floral White as your wall paint color. 


Your kitchen is an always-in-use, highly functional room that gets more wear and tear than most rooms in your house. So, if your walls are looking a little duller than you’d like, then invest in some specialist kitchen paint that’s more resistant to splashes and stains than standard paint, and spruce them up. 

Choose flooring with a flourish

It’s easy to overlook your kitchen floor, but it can make a huge difference to the room’s look and feel. That tired old lino probably isn’t doing much to create a bright, inspiring kitchen space so perhaps it’s time to replace it. How about some light colored, wooden-effect flooring? Or perhaps simple yet chic floor covering? Gone are the days of the beige linoleum. When it comes to kitchen flooring there’s a multitude of imaginative options out there.