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Black Beauty: Beko’s New Carbon Fiber Collection
Black Beauty: Beko’s New Carbon Fiber Collection

1m read

Black Beauty: Beko’s New Carbon Fiber Collection


No matter the occasion, women know you can never go wrong with a little black dress. It’s the one color we always associate with elegance, good taste, and sophistication. For men, the sleek black finishes on high-performance sports cars might evoke a similar reaction.


Whatever the source of inspiration (or who’s doing the cooking), the connection between the color black and the concept of high style has spilled over into kitchen appliances in a big way. While traditional stainless steel remains the most popular choice, multiple manufacturers now offer black appliances for the growing number of consumers making the color switch.


Black stainless steel has been the primary option for anyone craving this sexy design trend. Until now.


Beko is the first major appliance manufacturer to introduce a beautiful line of matte black carbon fiber appliances in the American market. And it’s a move that’s as much a technical solution to an industry problem as it is a dramatic design statement—maybe even more so.


The drawbacks of black stainless
Black stainless is essentially traditional stainless steel with a smooth, dark finish applied as a coating or sheet. The color is not mixed into the stainless steel itself. So, while being touted as a fingerprint-free, smudge-proof, easy-to-maintain choice, it is especially susceptible to scratches and peeling—something that should be of considerable concern to those with high-traffic kitchens and/or small children. Every scratch or patch reveals the shiny, silver stainless steel underneath, making the damage even more noticeable.


Since appliance warranties typically don’t offer coverage for cosmetic issues like these, the homeowner is often left living with the unsightly damage or incurring additional expense for appliance door replacements.


The strengths of carbon fiber
Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is the perfect way to give your kitchen the premium, sophisticated look of black appliances without the issues. This intriguing natural material is sleek and modern yet incredibly durable. It definitely will not scratch or peel!


Also called graphite fiber or carbon graphite, carbon fiber consists of very thin strands of carbon woven together. These strands are extremely strong for their size—five times stronger than steel. Yet they are also much lighter weight, making carbon fiber an indispensable manufacturing material for industries from aerospace to motor sports and now appliances.


But the real beauty is that it’s not all about the engineering. Beko’s distinctive carbon fiber collection also sets a new standard in kitchen design. Each dark and durable appliance exterior features Beko’s exclusive matte-black hexagonal pattern for texture, depth, and undeniable drama.


By bringing this extraordinary material into homes and pairing it with our world-class energy efficiency and high-performance technologies, this unique carbon fiber collection is elevating both the aesthetics and the function of kitchens across America. Because that’s how Beko does black beautifully.