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Award-winning Home Reinventers Flip Over Beko
Award-winning Home Reinventers Flip Over Beko

1m read

Award-winning Home Reinventers Flip Over Beko


jKath Design Build + Reinvent, a husband-wife team based in St. Paul/Minneapolis, has been “reinventing” area homes to unanimous acclaim since 2010. They recently wrapped up the whole-house renovation of a 1920's Tudor in one of St. Paul's most coveted neighborhoods and shared the results—along with some good advice—on their blog and Instagram.


When it came to planning the flip, guess where Jesse and Katie started? The kitchen, of course. It’s where all of their whole-house renovations start, because it “sets the tone for the home, overall design decisions, and how they will flow from room to room.” And guess what they call “the single most important and timely decision you’ll need to make” on any kitchen update? The appliances, of course.


Like many of their previous projects, jKath selected Beko appliances to add sleek aesthetics to the space in a way that perfectly aligned with the custom cabinetry they crafted in jKath’s own cabinet shop. Since first partnering with Beko, Jesse and Katie have been very vocal about their appreciation of the company’s high-quality design, tech friendly features, industry-leading sustainability practices, and attention to detail. Probably why the couple also chose to install Beko appliances in their own home.


Read their blog on How to Select Appliances When Doing a Kitchen Remodel for more insights from this dynamic, award-winning design team.