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1m read

Real Housemom’s Heart Belongs to Beko


After undergoing a long-awaited and obsessed-over kitchen remodel, blogger and social media influencer Aubrey Cota was eager to share the somewhat emotional experience with her millions of followers.


What was at the top of the priority—and anxiety—list for the founder and editor in chief of the Real Housemoms website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel? Appliance selection.  Though she dreamed about gleaming stainless steel and having a sleek, streamlined kitchen, it wasn’t all about the aesthetics. She truly believed the “most important part of the remodel was our major appliances. Having quality, reliable kitchen appliances makes a kitchen the real heart of a home.”



And now Aubrey's heart belongs to Beko!


She and her husband were able to partner with Beko for their top-to-bottom kitchen revamp, and then Aubrey made sure her huge audience of home cooks was well aware of the brand’s credentials as “the No. 1 home appliance company in all of Europe” and ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award winner for 2017, 2018, and 2019 in the US.


Now that Aubrey is happily making new memories and recipes in the heart of her home, she continues to share all the ways her new Beko appliances have made her kitchen dreams come true. Read all about her kitchen remodel journey, then spend some time with the Real Housemoms to see if you can find some tasty new dishes that your own “real” family will love!