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Kid Party Activities With Healthy Food
Kid Party Activities With Healthy Food

3m read

Kid Party Activities with Healthy Food
Party time! Kid’s Party Activities with Healthy Food

What kid wouldn’t love a party? They are so much fun and they usually involve important lessons in getting along and playing nice. Of course, food is a big part of those celebrations. But sadly, most party foods, such as candies, pizza, hot dogs, or potato chips are loaded with sugar and saturated fats. 


You don’t need to serve difficult or extravagant dishes to put together a great kids’ birthday party menu. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. All it takes to serve great, healthy party snacks at your child’s next party are a few simple dishes with a fun, original twist that kids will enjoy. Keep reading to discover healthy and fun ideas.




Name the smoothies


How does colorful and healthy smoothies sound? All you have to do is choose healthy ingredients and then tag the drinks as cartoon characters that kids will recognize. The idea is to create a juice bar where you can arrange all the smoothies or juice varieties, each in a bottle, or serve them in individual mason jars with name tags. Here you can find some ideas for naming them: 

  • For green smoothies and juices, Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, Shrek or the Hulk are always good ideas. Try our Delicious Defense Smoothie! 
  • For Pink Panther, Barny or Strawberry Shortcake, go for blueberry coconut layered smoothie.
  • Check out our Banana and Date Smoothie for Scooby Doo, Scrat, or Pumba.  
  • Kids will love Berry Blast Smoothie, which you can Elsa, Cinderella or Tinkerbell.




Healthy pizza pops


Kids and grown-ups alike are big pizza fans, but sometimes this option is a little less healthy than we’d like. A whole pizza might not be a good idea for party snacks. What about splitting the dough up and creating many little pizzas? This way, you can vary the toppings as much as you like!


Once the little pizzas are cooked, insert a brochette stick for ¼ of the pizza and leave them to rest in a horizontal position until they cool down. For serving, you can stick them to a 3D semi-circular polyurethane surface. If you’re looking for ideas for how to make your pizza healthier, you might want to try our Low Fat Pizza recipe. 




Self-service station


Children like making their own decisions from a very early age. If you leave them to themselves, it’s very likely that they will choose food you would want them to. What if you were the one to determine the kinds of food they can choose from? Creating a self-service station is the perfect solution!


The idea is to create a space where kids can grab a tortilla and fill it with different healthy options. To make things more interesting, use chalkboards and write the name of each option you offer. This way, kids can explore new flavors and discover which ones they like. Giving children different options is the best way to get them to try new things, especially when they watch other kids tasting those flavors.


Here are a few recipe ideas you can use to create the self-service station, with a focus on tortillas, fillings and dressings.


Have you ever imagined a tortilla made with cauliflower? Well, now you can. Here is our cauliflower tortilla recipe! When it comes to fillings, we have a lot of different options that children will love. Hamburgers are always an appetizing food for kids. What about making them smaller and healthier? Try our Mini Salmon Burgers with Lentil Hummus recipe. They will also like Chicken and Spinach Wrap, a perfect recipe to offer proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables in a single meal. And it’s delicious too! An alternative to an animal protein burger is a Black Bean Burger. Serve it with some sliced vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, carrots or whatever you want to make it even healthier! 


Classic party dressings mostly contain sugars, food preservatives, and colorants. But let us introduce to you our Roasted Beetroot Dip and Hummus (three different alternatives here). Dips can be deliciously amazing as party finger food ideas.




Healthy birthday cake


No birthday party is complete without cake. That doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy, though. Why not mix zucchini with chocolate? If they love fruit, banana bread is also a good option. 


For those who are more traditional, typical birthday party cake is always there. But healthier is always better! Try our three-color cake. We are sure that kids will love it!