Home Hygiene Tips
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Home Hygiene Tips

Beko make hygiene a high priority!

Tips for fighting viruses and bacteria

How to get the most hygienic results 
when cleaning clothes and dishes

We know that you’re spending more time at home and that health and safety have become one of your biggest concerns. That’s why you should know that Beko's dishwashers and laundry appliances are capable of producing the recommended temperatures (above 132.8° F) for eliminating bacteria and viruses.


Here are some tips for sterilizing your dishes and getting hygienically clean laundry with your Beko home appliances:



Use hot temperature programs

Intense water pressure for your dirtiest dishes


All Beko dishwashers have at least one program (usually the Intensive program) that uses at least 140° temperatures to provide perfect cleaning results while killing bacteria and germs. Check your product manual to find out which program use temperatures of 132.8° FC and above.


Use our specialized programs

Enjoy the silence at your home


Programs such as Quick&Shine™ clean and dry at 140° F, saving time while achieving perfectly clean dishes in under one hour.


If your Beko dishwasher has the SteamGloss® function, use this for perfectly dry and hygienic dishes.

Keep your dishes safely sterilized

Intense water pressure for your dirtiest dishes


The Sanitize function on all Beko dishwashers reaches up to 170° F for complete peace of mind, especially for cleaning baby bottles and feeding accessories.

Washers & Dryers

Keep your garments safe

Enjoy the silence at your home


Using the Cotton program will wash your laundry at temperatures of 140-194° F.

The Quick Wash program offered on some Beko washers and dryers allow you to can change the temperature to 140-194° F.


Adding the Extra Rinse function to any program will reduce bacteria even more.

Allergen and hygiene options

Intense water pressure for your dirtiest dishes


Our Allergen program and Hygiene+ program on some Beko washers and dryers can provide even more hygienic cleaning, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.

Clean your washer or dryer drum

Enjoy the silence at your home


At 158° F, using the Drum Clean program regularly will keep your washer and dryer clean, hygienic, and ready for the next use.

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