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Refrigerators & Freezers from Beko

The Beko family of refrigerators is the centerpiece of a healthier lifestyle. Our refrigerators offer surprisingly usable shelving space along with technologies that help food stay fresh longer, eliminate odors naturally, and make plentiful ice, all while using less energy. And all our stainless steel refrigerators are fingerprint-free.

Beko Fresh Produce Promise
Freshness up to 30 days or your money back


From May 27th thru September 7th we are running the Beko Fresh Produce Promise on all Beko refrigerators that are equipped with EverFresh+and Active Fresh Blue Light technology. This technology is so groundbreaking that it almost seems too good to be true. To show you just how much we believe in it, we are taking 100% of the risk for you away by buying back the refrigerator if EverFresh+ does not perform the way we say it will.

That is the Beko Fresh Produce Promise.


 © 2021 Beko *Tested by SGS (compared to standard crisper for broccoli and lettuce).

Designed with functionality

Beautifully designed to put premium technology within reach


From fingerprint-free stainless steel surfaces to intuitive digital displays and theater lighting, Beko refrigerators are as beautiful outside as they are inside. The counter-depth design option lets your refrigerator blend seamlessly with existing kitchen cabinets for a clean, uniform look. Every Beko refrigerator is designed to help you to live the best version of yourself.


You deserve longer-lasting freshness


Everyone who cooks at home knows having the freshest and most organic ingredients is a must for healthy living. With Beko’s EverFresh+ technology humidity is precisely controlled, condensation is reduced via air channels, and temperature variations are minimized. The result? Your fresh fruits and veggies will stay crisp and tasty for up to 30 days* instead of just a few days.


 *Tested by SGS (compared to standard crisper for broccoli and lettuce)

Active Fresh Blue Light

Locking in all the goodness inside your food


Beko is all about developing technology that supports a healthy life. With Active Fresh Blue Light vitamin C content and the flavor of your fruits and vegetables is protected through the use of blue LED lights that simulate natural lighting conditions to continue the photosynthesis process. Your produce will retain nutritional benefits, stay fresher for longer, and taste better too, with up to 30%* better preservation.


A wave of freshness every time you open the refrigerator door

Beko’s advanced IonGuard™ technology helps to not only eliminate odors but to prevent odor transfer between food. By creating a fresh-air environment inside your refrigerator, IonGuard provides an odorless refrigerator that preserves food longer.

Neofrost Dual Cooling

Maintaining optimal humidity in the fridge and a dry freezer environment


Faster cooling, longer-lasting freshness, and no odor transfer between compartments - you get it all with NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling. Unlike conventional single-cooling systems, NeoFrost cools twice as fast* using two separate balanced air circulation cooling systems to maintain optimal humidity in the fridge while keeping the freezer frost-free.


*Tested by internal labs

Turbo Ice Maker

11 pounds ice per day just in 24 hours


The more ice the better. Our Turbo Ice Maker is designed to help you chill out, even on the hottest days. You can generate a cool 11 pounds of cube-shaped ice in just 24 hours—that’s an industry-leading ice making capacity no other brand can match.


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2 Year Warranty

Register your Appliance within 90 days of purchase to extend your standard 1-year warranty to 2 years, free of charge.